Last October, my wife and I became the proud owners of a fixer-upper home. We signed the contract knowing that we had work to do, but were excited about the adventure of making our new home our own. Like many first-time buyers, attracted to the allure of modernizing an older home, we began on our journey of budgeting and planning for the projects we were excited to invest in.

What we did not envision, however, was the sudden plumbing emergency requiring that we replace the pipes to our bathrooms and kitchen. As you can imagine, that project came with a hefty price tag, and without the joy that you get from getting new hardwood floors or remodeling a kitchen. Unfortunately, the money we used to pay came directly from savings we had intended to use for those “fun” projects — this one, wasn’t fun. For us, there was no alternative, and this project set us back from accomplishing some of the goals we had for our home.  

If your business provides services like this, whether it’s emergency plumbing, leaky roof repairs, or even last minute surprise catering events (they do happen), then you’ve probably had customers that look at your estimate and are instantly consumed by one thought — how they will manage the unexpected expense.

Now with Invoice2go Customer Financing you have the opportunity to provide some relief and help your customers feel in control when they say yes to your next big job or project with them.

Invoice2go Customer Financing is an additional payment option designed to help your customers access cash to pay for your services. You get paid in full the way you usually do, while your customer pays one of Invoice2go’s trusted lending partners over time.

So next time you’re at an appointment for a job that the customer hasn’t planned for, become your customer’s hero by not only providing great service, but making it easy for them to say yes to the job.