If you use Invoice2go, you know how easy it is to send an invoice. In fact, it’s probably something you can do faster than trying to figure out what’s for dinner.

But one of the most common questions we get from small business owners is whether they can convert estimates to invoices just as easily. And the answer, thankfully, is absolutely. If you’ve already taken the time to create an estimate, there’s no need to start from scratch once you finish a job and want to send off that invoice.

The exact steps vary slightly by whether you’re using the iPhone, iPad, Android or web app, but all you have to do is open an estimate, copy the details into an invoice with one tap and you’re off to the races.

Invoice2go estimates option

For more details, read Converting an estimate to an invoice on the Invoice2go Help Center. Here you’ll find other great tips for getting the most out of Invoice2go.