I wanted to provide an update on our progress since our new product launch. Most importantly, I’m still reading all of your comments and suggestions as they come through. Each constructive comment provides valuable insights to us.

Thanks to your feedback we’ve been able to identify the most pressing priorities to focus on. In my last blog post, I committed to delivering some key improvements by July 19 and as you may have seen in our Head of Product, Michael Ramsey’s update, the following enhancements (and more) have now been rolled out:

  • Easier list management
    • You can now see your paid and unpaid invoices in separate tabs.
    • You can now filter your document lists by year and client name.
    • You can now sort your document lists in ascending order.
  • Improved search
    • You can now search your client and invoice lists by a range of parameters, including ‘item description’, ‘product code’ and ‘shipping address’.
  • Operational enhancements
    • You can now perform key tasks, like marking invoices as paid, in bulk.
    • You can now rearrange the order of items on documents.
  • Managing expenses
    • You can now sort expenses by category and date in both ascending and descending order as well as view totals for your expense list.
  • Printing and PDFs
    • You will now see more consistency between invoice previews and PDFs and printed invoices. Further changes are coming to address the smaller number of remaining discrepancies.
  • Business Activity Statement (BAS)
    • For our Australian customers, you are now able to generate the information needed to submit your BAS via a new report.

While I’m pleased with these improvements, I acknowledge that we’ve still got work to do. Work is already underway on our next phase of enhancements, which have been prioritized based on your feedback. These include:

  • Flexibility with taxes
    • Giving you the flexibility to set your taxes as either inclusive or exclusive at the invoice level.
  • Visualization of reports
    • Allowing you to access report dashboards and graphics on web and mobile so you have an instant view of how your business is performing.
  • Workflow optimization
    • Improving the time it takes to create and send an invoice e.g. bulk select items to add to an invoice and copy line items.
  • Tablet & preview
    • Tablet design improvements and ability to preview in landscape.

Michael will continue to provide detailed updates via the blog each week. We’re also still listening to your suggestions, so please continue to share your ideas on how we can improve the app via the ‘Send Feedback’ link in the app’s main menu.

Finally, I’d like to apologize for the delays you may have experienced with our customer support team. Long wait times are not our style and we’re sorry for any frustration this has caused. We understand how important quick resolutions are for your business, so we are working as fast as possible to address all the concerns we’re hearing.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Greg Waldorf