Invoice2go is all about giving you the tools you need to send invoices faster, so you can get paid faster. We get a lot of great feedback from small business owners, and one thing they really love is how easy it is to send an invoice on the spot, as soon as they finish a job.

So when Apple introduced the Watch, we saw a lot of potential for helping small business owners accomplish simple, yet important tasks more easily and quickly going from one job to another. Now that Apple Watch is here, we’re excited to introduce the Invoice2go app for Apple Watch. Here’s what you can do:

Track time on the job
Using contact details in your Invoice2go account, the Watch app can automatically prompt you to track time when you arrive at a job site. It can also remind you to stop tracking time when you leave. For greater control, you can also start and stop tracking time manually.

Invoice2go Apple Watch - Feature Image

Create and send invoices to customers with one tap
Before you leave a job site, the Watch app can prompt you to send an invoice on the spot, using the time you’ve tracked, your hourly rate and your customer’s info. You can also view an invoice summary to make sure the information is accurate before you hit send.

Receive notifications when you’ve been paid
When a customer confirms they’ve paid your invoice, you’ll receive a notification on your Apple Watch. And just like that, you have one less thing to think about.

To learn more about using Invoice2go for Apple Watch, visit our Help Center. And if you’re new to Invoice2go, check out our free apps on the App Store and Google Play Store.