Let’s be honest–as important as it is, following up with clients about overdue payments can be tedious, awkward and time consuming. In a recent survey, 75% of our customers said that they open Invoice2go at least once a week just to figure out which payments need chasing. This has also been top of mind when we spoke to customers throughout the research stage, with common challenges arising with business owners wanting to know “who owes me money?” and “how can I get paid faster?”

Hearing this from countless customers, we set out to build a feature that would do the work for you and save you a ton of time by answering these questions with one tap.

We’re excited to launch Today, an all-new feature that will help organize your day, keep you on top of the money that’s owed to you and make following up on overdue payments even easier.  

Today is the fastest way to:

  • See which invoices are outstandingwhat’s overdue and what’s due soon
  • Check when an invoice was last sent
  • Find out when the next payment reminder is scheduled
  • Directly contact customers via email or message with a friendly nudge for payment or a reminder that their invoice is due soon
  • Mark invoices as paid with one quick tap


Watch Today in action:

With Today, your day is about to get a whole lot easier. Now you can wake up each day with a ready-made to-do list and start ticking things off without even getting out of bed.

In 2018 we’re on a mission to get you paid as fast as possible and Today is just one step we’re taking to get there. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

To access Today, tap on the Today inbox icon on the top right corner of your home screen


* Today is available to customers on our Pro, Enterprise and Unlimited plans.