This quarter has been all about making it easier than ever to get paid what you deserve, fast. Here’s a look at some of the great new features you may have missed:

1. Upfront payment with deposits
deposit on invoice
We’ve made it simple, fast, and free to request deposits—right from your Invoice2go app. This means you no longer have to wait until a project is complete to get paid. Deposits can help cover out of pocket expenses, improve your cash flow, lower the risk of unpaid invoices, and get the job started faster.

2. A time tracker for accurate billing
time tracker

A simple and accurate way to track your time, and make sure you’re paid what you’ve earned. With the new Time Tracking feature you can easily track the time you work, immediately bill for your time, and show clients that you’re transparent and honest about your hours.

3. Smarter estimates to win you more business
approve estimate

Estimates hold the key to winning new business, and we’ve introduced new features to help you do just that.

Now when your customer receives your estimate, they can easily approve it, send a comment, or pay upfront for the job, on the spot. You’ll get notified the moment an estimate is approved, and you’ll be able to turn it into an invoice in just one tap (plus they’ll be linked for your records).

4. Quick and easy login via your Google or Facebook account
facebook login

It’s hard to remember login details for every single app. That’s why we’ve introduced the ability to sign in via your Google or Facebook account. Now there’s one less thing for you to remember, and you’ll be logged in and sending invoices before you know it.

5. Quick Sale – the fastest way to take a card payment on the spot
mobile card reader

Ever wanted to take a quick payment without creating an invoice? Now you can with Invoice2go’s Quick Sale feature and a PayPal Here card reader.*

Simply enter the transaction total, and accept payment via tap, insert or swipe. We’ll automatically create the invoice for you, apply your preferred tax rate, and mark it paid. Less work, immediate payment, and all your records organized for you.

These new features will make it even easier for you to get paid quickly, and there’s more to come on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates soon!

*Currently available for customers in the US, UK and Australia.