Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar to you. You finish a job, you send the customer an invoice and then…you wait. And wait. Eventually, you follow up and your customer says, “Oh yeah, I don’t remember seeing that invoice.” Or they say, ideally, “Thanks for the reminder. I’ll get that paid right away.”

In either case, following up on unpaid invoices takes time, effort and guesswork. We’ve added a new feature to Invoice2go that helps you stay in control of invoices you’ve sent out.

Now you can easily track when a customer has viewed the email with your invoice. So with a quick glance of your invoice folder, you can see which invoices have been viewed and follow up at the right time.

Here’s why it matters:invoice2go new features: read notification, follow up to ensure invoices get paid

  • No more uncertainty: Now you don’t have to wonder whether a customer saw your invoice.
  • Know when to follow up: Once you know a customer has viewed an invoice, you can choose the right time to follow up.
  • Increases your chance of getting paid faster and on time: Stay in control of making sure your invoices get paid — and paid on time.

We’ve already started to roll this feature out to business owners with a Pro, Enterprise or Unlimited subscription. If you have the Starter plan, it’s easy to upgrade.

In addition to our web app, this feature is available on our iOS app, so be sure to get the latest app update on the App Store. And for even more details on how this feature works, visit our Help Center.