When we introduced debit and credit card payments to Invoice2go, our goal was to help you get paid even faster. Today, we’re announcing a new feature that can help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

How’s that possible? You can now choose to have your customers pay the transaction fee whenever they pay an invoice by debit or credit card. All it takes is a simple tap in Settings.

How it works
If you already offer debit and credit card payments through Invoice2go, you know that a transaction fee is normally applied whenever a customer pays an invoice by card, and this fee is subtracted from the amount that’s deposited into your bank account.

payment fee pass-thru Invoice2goIn settings, where you turn on the debit and credit card payment option, you’ll see a new toggle switch that lets you pass this fee to your customer.

Once this option is enabled, transaction fees will be added to your customer’s total amount due when they make a payment. After it’s completed, the original invoice amount will be deposited into your bank account.*

* Other fees may apply in certain cases if a customer pays with a non-domestic card, an American Express card (outside the U.S.), or if you change currency. Read our FAQs for more details.

Get the best of both worlds
With the fee pass-through feature, you can enjoy all the advantages of getting paid by debit and credit card, without incurring the cost of transaction fees:

  • Getting paid more quickly (up to 8 extra days faster)**
  • Providing customers with the added convenience of paying by card
  • Spending less time keeping track of cash and checks

**Based on small business owners in the U.S. and Canada who receive debit and credit card payments through Invoice2go.

Things to keep in mind
Before you use the fee pass-through feature, make sure you are familiar with the applicable laws and regulations in your area for passing transaction fees on to customers. And if you decide to take advantage of this convenience, it’s a good idea to give customers a heads up so they know what to expect on their invoice.

We’ll be rolling out the fee pass-through feature to Ireland, Canada, the U.K. and Australia over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.