Saving you time has been the name of the game this quarter. Here’s a snapshot of some of the new features we released to help you get those precious minutes back:

Introducing your new home screen

The new home screen has quick shortcuts to create new estimates, invoices, expenses, time entries, and more, in just one click. There’s also a new hub on the home screen where we’ll surface the latest tips and tricks, so you can be confident you’re getting the most out of the app.

We’ve moved the Today Tab so it’s front and center on the home screen, giving you an even easier way to follow up on overdue payments.

Manage your Appointments in Invoice2go

Managing appointments when you’re constantly on the move is one of the key challenges for many small businesses. We’ve recently launched a new feature to make it easy to schedule and manage your appointments, right from Invoice2go.*

This feature also makes it super simple to bill for your appointments. With all of the appointment details instantly copied onto the invoice, you’ll quickly be on your way to sending your invoice off, and getting paid.

A faster way to add items


It’s never been easier–or faster—to add an item to your invoices, estimates, POs and more. We’ve simplified the process so you can now add items in half the time.

Now, when you start typing in an item, autocomplete will save you time by doing the work for you. You can also more easily locate the items you’ve already added.

And other enhancements you’ve been asking for…

  • You can now export your Reports as a PDF file (in addition to CSV).
  • Deposit requests are more clearly outlined on estimates and invoices so your customers can’t miss them.
  • You now have the option to receive notifications to stay informed of when invoices are opened and paid, without being in the app.
  • Appointment details can be exported to other Calendar apps on your device.

And we’re not stopping there. Keep an eye on our blog for news on the most recent features and improvements we add to the app. And we’re always open to your suggestions too! Please send us any ideas for improvement via our Help Center.

*Available on Enterprise and Unlimited plans.