About three months ago, we updated our app to bring it fully up to date with the latest and best technology so our customers could have a more reliable, seamless experience, regardless of the device they use.

While we’ve made changes to the app itself, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: Whether you’re a carpenter, a hairdresser—or working five different kinds of careers at once—we’re constantly working to give you the simplest tools to send a professional invoice, get paid and grow your business.

The vast majority of our customers are now successfully using the new Invoice2go— already creating more than eight million invoices since the launch, and billing their customers for more than $8 billion of work.

For anyone still having challenges, we are continuing to listen to your feedback, and are launching new features every week.

Our new technology is allowing us to make some big improvements that I think will be popular with the small businesses we love. You’re the heart of our business. And in turn, we understand that your customers are the heart of yours.

That’s why we’ll soon be adding several ways to help you build and maintain your relationships, so the bond with your customers remains strong and they continue with your business for years to come. These include:

A new way to communicate with your customers

Being great at customer service is knowing that each customer you serve is different from the last – a different personality, different demands, and different communication styles.

We’re incorporating messaging into the Invoice2go experience so you can send invoices and estimates any way you like— SMS, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email or snail mail. This will give you more options to communicate with your customers in the way you find easiest, and most importantly – in the way they want to communicate with you.

Better customer management

We’ll also be introducing features that directly help manage your customer base. We plan to transform the client area within our app, populating it with rich and actionable information.

Features we’re looking at including in the client area include: a section for recent invoices and estimates to easily find and action invoices for a specific customer, a history of documents related to each customer, a special section for client-specific reporting, and a referral tracking area so you’ll know exactly where you got that client and you can properly track referrals.

More ways to get paid faster

Of course, we also understand that your livelihood depends on getting paid—and getting paid as quickly as possible.

So we’ll be adding our first mobile point-of-sale feature in the coming months. What this means, is that you’ll be able to accept payments on-the-spot, wherever you are. Thanks to a new partnership with a leading online payment service, you’ll be able to accept credit cards anywhere you are—without ever leaving the app.

We’re now moving fast—but never too fast to listen to our customers. I want to let you know again how much I appreciate customer feedback. I personally read it all and do my best to respond to all your needs. Please keep it coming.


Greg Waldorf
CEO of Invoice2go