Your Invoice2go experience is about to get that much better. In two days we’ll release a new version of the mobile and web app that feature a smarter design, more reliability and increased speed.

We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground-up, so you’ll first notice that we’ve got a fresh new look, but the biggest changes you’ll experience are those behind the scenes. Think stable new foundations, increased speed and reliable syncing, always. We understand that the updated experience may take a little getting used to so consider setting aside a few minutes in your work day to get to know the new app.

Here’s a quick peek at the improved experience in action:

Keep in mind that once you update to the new Invoice2go app, you will not be able to go back to the earlier version. This also means that all of the users on your account must also update to the new app. If you’d prefer to wait until a later date to make the change, make sure to turn off the auto-update setting on all of your mobile devices.

For more information on what to expect from the new app, check out our earlier blog posts Are you ready for the new Invoice2go?, An improved Invoice2go is just around the corner  and Take a sneak peek at the new Invoice2go, or visit our Help Center.