We’ve released another round of improvements in our app today. These changes are all based on your feedback, and while we know there are still many things you’re calling for, I’m pleased to share the latest progress.

Now, you can select multiple invoices and mark them paid with a single tap.  We’ve also added the ability to search invoices by client or any field (except for notes) and made the search results easier to read by listing them in alphabetical order. You can also sort expenses by category and view totals. In addition, this release includes a series of performance and usability improvements for working with lists and that make it lighter to run on your device battery and memory.

Here is more detail on what is available now:


Organizing your documents: you will be able to filter invoices, estimates, purchase orders and credit memos by year, sort by client, and sort lists in both directions (ascending and descending).Complete

Managing expenses: you can now sort expenses by category and date in both ascending and descending order as well as view totals for your expense list.Complete

Shortcuts: you now have the ability to take bulk actions on invoices, estimates, purchase orders and credit memos, such as marking multiple invoices as paid. As many as ten documents can be updated at a time.Complete

Search: search enhancements have been rolled out for clients including the following fields: billing name, email, billing address, shipping address, contact, phone, mobile, website, notes, tax number. Search results honor the client list order which defaults to alphabetical by client name. International characters and partial matches are all supported.Complete

Performance and usability: performance improvements including pagination for clients, expenses, and items, reduced memory footprint, lower energy consumption for list management and smoother scrolling for invoices, estimates, purchase orders and credit memos are now live.Complete

Organizing your invoices: you will be able to view all unpaid invoices in a single list. We have collapsed the unsent and sent tabs into a single unpaid tab.Complete

Printing and PDFs: you will now see more consistency between invoice previews and PDFs and printed invoices. This will fix the majority of cases where invoices previewed as one page but generated a two page PDF. Further changes are coming to address the smaller number of remaining discrepancies.Complete

Calendar2go: for those customers using Calendar2go, we have extracted all your historical data and emailed this to you. We know this isn’t the same as having appointment and time tracking capability back in the app, and we’re working on that too. More to come in future updates.Complete

BAS2go: for those of you who used BAS2go, you are now able to generate this information as a report. While it won’t be in the ‘app’ form like the old app, you will be able to see the same data for the reporting period you select. The new BAS report is now available in the app along with all other reports.Complete

Search: you can now search your documents by most fields including:  item description, product code, billing address, shipping address, and shipping tracking numbers.Complete

Invoice Status: we have fixed the issues relating to partial payments and other status errors.Complete

The above updates are reflected in iOS version 10.2.0, Android version 10.2.0, Web 10.3.0.

But we won’t stop here. Our product, design and engineering teams continue to work around the clock to deliver enhancements as quickly as possible. Here is an updated list of some of the improvements we are actively working on:


Organizing your invoices: you will be able to view totals for invoice lists and change the order of items on invoices.In progress

Taxes: you will be able to set the tax rate on an invoice and apply it to all items. You’ll also be able to set tax as inclusive / exclusive on an invoice.In progress

Reports: you will be able to view reports in the app without having to export.In progress

Reports: you will be able to view a dashboard with charts and graphs in the app.In progress

As a separate note, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many customers over the past few weeks. One of the common themes in these conversations was that many were not aware that the new app has been built offline first – this means that all of the core features work in airplane mode or when not connected to the internet. You can create and edit invoices, estimates, credit memos, purchase orders, clients, expenses, and items offline. You can also preview documents like invoices offline as long as you have previously viewed the record online.

Our app includes a cloud solution to manage your documents and data to ensure that there is a single source of truth and no matter how many devices you use with your account, you will see the same invoices, estimates, clients, expenses, items, etc. across all of them.

We are listening to every one of your comments and suggestions, so please continue to share your ideas to improve the app (the easiest way is to use the ‘Send Feedback’ link in the app’s main menu).

Thank you for your patience while we bring you the improvements you’ve asked for.

Michael Ramsey
VP, Product

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