We’re always looking at ways to make the Invoice2go experience more intuitive, capable and secure. To that end, we’ve spent the past several years working on enhancing our app to meet the needs of small business owners. If you’ve been receiving messages lately about upgrading to a new version of Invoice2go, here’s a bit more information.

Access your invoices and reports from anywhere.
When we originally designed the Invoice2go mobile app, it made sense to store data locally on your device. Cloud storage wasn’t as prevalent then as it is today, so local storage ensured you had the data you needed, when you needed it. Our latest version of the app takes advantage of the cloud. Now you can send and review documents from your laptop, desktop, phone and tablet whether you’re at home or on the go. We also added an extra level of security to ensure your data is not compromised.

How do I know if I should consider upgrading?
Here’s a quick test. If your Invoice2go app icon is green (with a white paper airplane), you’re good to go. You have the new and improved version with all the latest and greatest features. If your app has the white icon (with a green paper airplane), we recommend that you consider our latest version. Upgrading to our current app ensures that if you ever lose or damage your device, you’ll still be able to access your invoices, reports and more. To upgrade, use the browser on your iOS device and visit https://buy.2go.com/newinvoice2go.

You don’t have to upgrade.
Please keep in mind that you do not have to make this switch. Over time, however, you may run into issues as we will no longer be supporting that version or creating any updates.

If you need help switching, we’re here for you. Visit our Help Center where you can email us or start a live chat with someone on our team.