We hear from a lot of Invoice2go customers who use our app to help them run a small business on the side of their 9 to 5. Not only is it easier than ever to put yourself out there and find a side gig (thanks to websites like 99designs and Upwork), but because of simple apps like Invoice2go, actually managing one is easier than ever too.

So, it made perfect sense that one such “side gigger” spends his days working right here at Invoice2go, on the very same team that helps people around the world work their own way, just like him.

Meet Jonas: Invoice2go employee and bagpipe player a.k.a. Piper Jonas

We asked Jonas a few questions about his life at Invoice2go, his side gig as a bagpiper, and how he manages it all.       

screenshot2016-09-22at11-10-50am-copyTo kick things off, tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Jonas, I’m married,  have a one year old little boy and I live in San Jose, California. I work at Invoice2go where my role is to reach people who are searching online for a simple way to send invoices, and to spread the word about Invoice2go.

Where were you working before Invoice2go?

Previously I was working for Adroll, an online advertising company, and before that I was at Paypal.

How did you get into bagpiping? 

I have been playing the bagpipes for 16 years – 14 of which I’ve spent taking on gigs at all types of events from weddings, to family reunions, and memorials. You name an event, I’ve played the bagpipes there. I was initially introduced to it at the Scottish Games that are held every year on Labor Day Weekend and my hobby just grew from there.

How did you take the leap from hobby to business? 

In all honesty it wasn’t much of a transition for me as my bagpipe instructor was also the pipe band manager. He’d receive a half dozen requests for gigs a month that he’d then dole out to pipers based on skill and availability, so as soon as I reached a level of proficiency he started giving me a gig here and there. After a while, word of mouth and some basic advertising took hold and I was able to generate leads on my own.

How does Invoice2go help you manage your side gig on top of the 9 to 5?

It wasn’t until I was considering the job that I started using Invoice2go. I was researching the company and realized how perfect the app would be for my bagpiping gigs.

One of the standouts for me is the professionalism of the product. Sending a professional invoice helps me alleviate the uncertainty in hiring a bagpiper – it signals that I know what I’m doing and can be trusted. It also keeps me organized. With weddings for example, everything is booked in advance so the app makes it extremely simple to document deposits, compared to updating spreadsheets in excel.

I also use the mobile payments feature to give clients the flexibility to pay by card. With my gigs, I require a deposit in order to “book” the date against future inquiries, so giving clients the ability to pay by card made it so much easier than waiting for checks to come in the mail.

screenshot2016-09-22at11-11-01am-copyBefore Invoice2go I was keeping payment information in the notes section of calendar entries, and spent too much time trying to figure out what deposits had been paid, and what balances remained. Now everything is tracked automatically, payments are made simple, and the reporting tools gives me a much better idea of cash flow.

Speaking of that 9 to 5, what is your favorite thing about working at Invoice2go?

My favorite part of working at Invoice2go is the same reason I decided to join – it’s a product I’m passionate about, that I can stand behind and actually use in my everyday life.

What is one random fact we may not know about you?

I’m an Eagle Scout, which is the highest rank you can achieve in Boy Scouts of America. It’s a unique thing because once you achieve the Eagle Scout rank you are always recognised as an Eagle Scout.