We got a lot of great feedback from our recent blog post, Why I Chose Software Engineering, so we rounded up a few more of Invoice2go’s world-class engineers to hear why they chose their career path, and what motivates them everyday. Come inside Invoice2go and hear what they had to say:

Sebastian Urban, Sydney

Seb UrbanI didn’t always know that I wanted to be an engineer but I’ve always been fascinated with how things work. As a kid, I would pull apart my toys and put them back together – I was just curious about how the world worked. I even went through a stage where I wanted to work in special effects. I was fascinated by the mechanics of it, so I did work experience with an Australian special effects company called Animal Logic. It was a little too artistic and creatively focused for me, so I continued to seek out opportunities for work experience as a teenager with different companies I was interested in.

I ended up studying computer science at my university and when I was doing programming subjects, it didn’t grab me. However I really liked the networking side of it so I decided to switch to network engineering. Following this, I got a job at AOL in network engineering and just by accident I stumbled into programming and it just came out of me. I wanted to automate my job so I built systems to do parts of it for me and make my job easier. My manager at the time recognized what I was doing and moved me into the software team. So, it was kind of by accident but it was sort of inevitable. From that point, it was totally clear that software engineering was where I was supposed to be.

Software engineering is super rewarding and an opportunity to learn, a lot. I love creating software because you’re making something out of nothing. You create something that has and gives value to others and can affect your life. If you’re building software that people use, you’re adding something to the world and this is addictive.

Eve (Yi) Li, Redwood City

Invoice2go Software Engineer Eve LiI chose to become an engineer because engineering is fun and full of adventure!

I’ve always been passionate about seeking reason and logic behind things. Growing up in a family of engineers, my parents tried to introduce science theories to me as early as possible through simple activities like cooking, playing ping-pong… literally anything. That’s given me the mentality of always asking why things are the way they are.

If I got to pick a role to serve the people around me, I would want to be an analytical thinker and a resourceful problem-solver. Guess what, being an engineer fits that perfectly. I feel very lucky to take on this adventure at Invoice2go, and to solve new problems with smart people everyday.

Jeff Certain, Redwood City

DSC_2366 (1)The short answer to “why I became an engineer” isn’t very helpful — I became an engineer because I’ve always been an engineer. But what’s an engineer? My working definition is “someone who adjusts the world around them to better suit their needs”. This isn’t quite the standard definition; to me, being an engineer is a mindset, rather than what training you’ve had or what projects you’re working on.

It’s a constant drive to improve things, looking at the world as a set of challenges, problems, and opportunities for growth and improvement. Engineers crave learning, finding new ways to solve problems, finding new problems to solve. Engineers struggle with “good enough” and strive for “better”. They’re pragmatic enough to understand that not everything can be perfect all the time, and idealistic enough to chafe against that same knowledge. They embrace the complexity inherent in difficult problems, and strive to find the elegantly simple solution to those same problems. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery put it, “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

I had the good fortune to grow up in a household where there was plenty of technology available to play with — one set of parents were software consultants, so I was steeped in that culture as a child. I was on bulletin boards before the internet became a thing, and it was a big day when the dial-up modem got upgraded to a whopping 14.4 kbps. Even before that, I enjoyed building things; Lego was a childhood favorite toy. I’ve always loved to read, and I have a drive to constantly learn new things. But I also changed my environment to better suit myself: my earliest documented foray into social engineering occurred when I was six, and persists to this day.

That same kid went on to join the military because I believed that I could help make the world a better place, and because I wanted challenges. And it’s those same goals that led me into engineering, a field where I can try to make people’s lives a little bit easier, a little bit better… and where I’m challenged daily.

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