Every year, Apple brings together some of the best developers from around the world for its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, otherwise known as WWDC. It’s where Apple unveils new products, technologies and tools to help developers create the next generation of apps for Mac, iOS and now, Apple Watch.

We’re absolutely thrilled that Invoice2go was featured prominently in a session called “Designing for Apple Watch”. Apple highlighted Invoice2go’s location-based time tracker as an example of how developers can provide thoughtful, contextually relevant experiences on Apple Watch.

Invoice2go featured at WWDC 2015

Invoice2go featured at WWDC 2015

We’re even prouder of the team that designed the Invoice2go app for Apple Watch. Just like everyone around our company, they work extremely hard to make the Invoice2go experience a great one for every small business owner. We wanted to give the team a chance to share some quick thoughts on what went into developing our Watch app:

What were your main goals in designing a Watch app for Invoice2go?
We wanted to make a great app that made sense for invoicing – specifically, invoicing on the move. Something that could help a small business owner be more productive out in the field. A tool that allows you to get paid faster, and to track your time on a job location in an easy way.

Apple Watch App

How did you decide what features made the most sense for a Watch app?
We initially had a lot of ideas that we wanted to include in our Watch app, but a lot of them weren’t practical for the hardware. For example, you can’t replicate the entire invoice creation process in our iOS app on such a small screen – it wouldn’t be practical or a comfortable user experience. So when we combined our discussions with what we saw in Apple’s Watch design guidelines, which talked about fast user interactions, we were left with the question, “What in our app makes sense on a Watch?” We created a whole story around that – it really does a few key things and does them really well.

What are you most proud of when it comes to the design of the Watch app?
We really think we nailed the simplicity. It’s really easy to use, and underneath that simplicity is a lot of power. You can turn up at a job, your time keeping is totally automated and you can send an invoice as soon as you’ve finished. We’re pretty proud that we achieved that.