At Invoice2go, we’re on a mission to make small business owners’ lives easier. To free them up from the hassle of back office admin, and to empower them to take greater control over the future of their business. And to do that, we are focused on delivering the best solution on the market, and constantly pushing ourselves to better solve the challenges people face in their businesses every day.

Here are three reasons why I’m passionate about Invoice2go’s opportunity to change the game for small businesses everywhere:

The world’s most powerful software is now available to everyone

I find it incredibly exciting that now, anyone holding a smartphone in their hand can start a business of any size, and benefit from the very same software that was once reserved for the biggest players (and deepest pockets). Only now it’s accessible, affordable, and designed specifically for them. Having spent more than 8 years leading product teams at Salesforce, I know first hand the power that great software can bring to the business world.

Taking advantage of innovation in smartphones, mobile, and cloud computing presents a huge opportunity for small businesses. From automating tasks and broadening your business’ reach, to delivering the tools to win bigger jobs and complete the job at hand – software significantly changes how you do things, and how likely you are to succeed.

Think about what’s possible for Invoice2go users alone: Not only is software helping you look more professional in front of your customers, it’s also removing the most dreaded parts of the job. Sending professional estimates and invoices is one thing, but suddenly you’re being presented with insights about when a customer views your invoices, what’s outstanding, and then given the option to automate the follow up – that’s a major hurdle to take off your plate.

Our customers & team have endless potential

At Invoice2go, we come to work everyday with an entrepreneurial mindset. We are hyper focused on our customers’ challenges, listening to their feedback, and moving quickly to improve their workflow, and help fuel their growth. From our leadership team to our customer support team – everyone is truly passionate about helping small business owners reach their endless potential.

Our customers share this entrepreneurial mindset. Each one of them, for one reason or another, broke the mould and stepped out on their own to do business their own way. The better our team does, the more successful our customers will be, and vice versa. That’s one recipe for success I’m truly excited about.

We are moving fast

It’s been an exciting nine months for me as Invoice2go’s head of product. Since the relaunch of our app, the team has been focused on rolling out the very best improvements to give our customers the simplest, yet most powerful tool on the market.

We’ve rolled out 25 new releases, and more than 40 new features that improve people’s ability to run and grow a successful business. We launched a new mobile-point-of-sale feature powered by PayPal Here that allows you to accept in-person payments straight from the Invoice2go app. We’ve made it possible to send invoices directly through messaging apps, and we’ve revamped the Client Profile to make it easier to communicate with and manage your customers.

We are growing fast and building a world-class team, so if you’re interested in joining us check out our open roles on our careers page. We’ve moved into the new year more excited and inspired than ever before, and can’t wait to share what’s ahead for small businesses everywhere.


Michael Ramsey is Invoice2go’s Chief Product Officer.