In our Redwood City office, the summer weather and California sunshine remain in full effect. But before the season draws to a close, we want to send a shout out to our latest class of summer interns. They were truly an impressive bunch, working on things that’ll help us build an even better Invoice2go for small businesses everywhere.Invoice2go Internship

We asked each of them to share a bit about their time with us. Here’s what they had to say:

Teddy Morris-Knowler, Software Engineer Intern

What I worked on: I took on an interesting machine learning project to help us better understand how our customers use Invoice2go across industries, and how we can better serve them through aggregate insights.

Best part of the job: Definitely taking part in the data team’s “Data Hack Week 2k16.” One of our team members flew out from Sydney for the week and the whole team worked on a mini project together in the same room, building out ideas from start to finish. We then presented the results to the rest of the company at the end of the week. It was dope to be have everyone in the same room because I learned a lot from seeing how the super talented people on my team worked, and also because it was generally a great time.

Carlos Poullet, Analytics Intern

What I worked on: I created a SaaS dashboard that helped us measure and understand how our profitability model changes over time.

Best part of the job: I loved how easy it was to get involved in different projects. You can be immersed in completely new areas just because you express an interest.

Antonio Arellano, Analytics Intern

What I worked on: During my summer at Invoice2go, I learned about our customers’ relationships with their clients. I analyzed behavior from the past year to extract insights that will help make our product even better for our small business users.

Best part of the job: My favorite part of the summer at Invoice2go was taking part in the analytics team offsite. This was a fun opportunity to learn more about the team’s role within the organization and how we can work better with our fellow team members.

TravisNoll, Product Manager Intern

What I worked on: This summer I worked on product insights; reworking how we track and gain an even better understanding of what features our customers want, and how we can continue to improve the experience to meet their needs.

Best part of the job: I really enjoyed getting to know people in different parts of the organization, learning about what they do, and how it all fits together. Everyone has been very welcoming and eager to help me understand their role and the bigger picture of the small business problems the company is solving.

Mitchell Kogan, Product Manager Intern

What I worked on: During my ten weeks, I worked on redesigning our paywall customer experience, helping to launch a new feature plan, and performing user research tests in order to analyze the benefits of enabling certain features.

Best part of the job: Having the ability to work with so many amazing people from different teams. It’s incredible how much company-wide and cross-functional collaboration goes into the launch of any initiative.

Erez Perelson, Product Manager Intern

What I worked on: This summer I was lucky to work on exploring a new initiative that could be very beneficial for our users. The exploration included conducting market research, and working with various parts of the company in order to design a robust test for a new potential avenue at Invoice2go.

Best part of the job: The people. What defines your experiences is usually the people around you, and at Invoice2go I was lucky to be surrounded by smart, friendly, and fun people.

Zara Saraon, International Product Intern

What I worked on: I worked with our International team to better understand how the needs and wants of international customers differ from those of U.S. customers. I also helped identify the types of product and design changes we can make to improve the experience for everyone.

Best part of the job: Meeting a lot of really nice, smart people, and talking to customers all over the world who truly LOVE our product.

We thank this group for a summer of hard work, dedication and unique perspectives. From insightful lunchtime talks to a hilarious talent show spoofing life at Invoice2go, we had a great time with all of you.

If you’re interested in an internship or other opportunities at Invoice2go, visit our Careers page.