From Greg Waldorf, CEO and Chris Strode, Founder

We recently made changes to very old versions of our product which affected our loyal, long-term customers. We want to provide more explanation and apologize for the impact it has had on many of you.

Invoice2go was founded more than a decade ago, before the arrival of smartphones and “the cloud,” which are the foundations of our app today. Over many years, we have made every effort to keep all versions operating in a secure manner, but it has become increasingly difficult to keep very old versions of our software functioning. Just as you need to update the software on your devices periodically, we need to periodically update our software to bring it up to the latest standards.

As part of a recent review, we determined that a small number of the oldest versions of our software were no longer secure in a way that best practices would dictate. If left unaddressed, this would mean your invoices and other important business data could be vulnerable. This is a risk we will never expose our customers to, so our decision in this instance was to discontinue support of the old, affected versions.

If you are using a version of Invoice2go on iOS or Android that was installed anytime during 2015 or 2016 (version 8.2.4 or higher for iOS or version 8.0.3 or higher for Android), these issues do not apply to you. Additionally, our web application at is also unchanged. To be clear, if your software is working well today, you are unaffected by these changes.

We realize that there has been some frustration around why we would change a service that so many of you have used and trusted for years and we want to apologize for that. We are forever appreciative of our earliest customers and should have done a better job communicating with those using older versions before we required an upgrade to a current version of our software. We always try our hardest to do the best by our customers, but on this occasion, we didn’t get it right.

Our goal now is to make sure everyone can use the new Invoice2go cloud app, so if you are using an older version of Invoice2go, we are on hand to help you move your data. As an existing customer, this upgrade is free of charge. For more details on this offer and instructions on how to proceed, please refer to the following Help Center article, “How to send a backup of your classic Invoice2go Desktop or Old Invoice2go App.”

Thanks for your continued support. Your feedback through this process has been valuable and we will work even harder in the future to make sure we’re removing the headaches out of running a business, not creating them.