Invoice2go is on an exciting journey to make lives easier for small business owners around the world. Our engineering team is at the forefront of this challenge; working hard under the hood to bring simple, innovative products to life that make a world of difference to our customers.

And it’s by no means an easy job. It takes a relentless drive to solve hard problems in creative ways.

We’ve been fortunate to build a world-class engineering team at Invoice2go, from Sydney to Redwood City, and today we are talking to a few of them about why they chose to go into this exciting field, and what drives them everyday.

Mahtab Paydar, Sydney

MahtabMy journey to software engineering started pretty early on. When I was younger, it wasn’t common for everyone to have a computer at home, but I was fortunate to have a PC to use at home. I remember my dad always used to say to me “this is the future” and he was right.

I wrote my first algorithm when I was 14 and I still remember the joy of it. Being strong in mathematics, logic and algebra along with passion for coding, I was accepted into Software Engineering at university.

While studying, I quickly learnt what a broad science it is. I tried different subjects such as network engineering, infrastructure and hardware but what I really loved was creating applications.

What I love the most about engineering is creating programs that save people time and money by using smart applications to replace repetitive daily tasks. This frees up people’s time to allow them to think further and focus on other jobs.

Knowing a programming language is like knowing an international language. Whenever I meet programmers from different countries and backgrounds, I never have trouble communicating with them because we share a strong interest, which is software.


Sam Baek, Redwood City

It’s actually a silly story. So I applied to college thinking I wanted to study something science-y and math-y.

Then in May 2008, the movie Iron Man came out and I was captivated. I was fascinated by the suit, Jarvis (Tony Stark’s AI sidekick), and well, just about everything. I was inspired to study electrical and mechanical engineering and went full force at it.

Towards the end of my college years, however, I had some time to really reflect on how and where I wanted to start my career. Around that point, I stumbled upon an interview with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner where he was discussing his vision for the company. To paraphrase, he said that his goal was to fundamentally improve people’s lives and being that the company’s mission was to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce, what better way to reach his goal than to fulfill the company’s mission.

His words really resonated with me and it was at that moment that I realized why I was so inspired by Iron Man. At the end of the day, Tony Stark decided that whatever he built would be used for the greater good, and I wanted to do the same.


Sana Ismail, Redwood City

14379850_1090532517705460_3235184826993678968_oWhen I first started college, I naturally drifted towards English and the arts because those were the areas I was always encouraged and praised in. Two years into my English major at a prestigious university, I felt a nagging discontent and unfulfillment. Luckily, I had a father who had the vision and foresight to encourage me to try out computer science. This was a huge leap of faith for me because I left everything I knew and transferred to a lesser known school to try out something completely foreign to me. This gamble turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

I consider computer science to be the first love of my life. Despite my initial doubts, which were based mostly on ignorance about the field and silly stereotypes, this field was incredible and addictive. It has been the most fun, challenging, and intrinsically rewarding thing I have ever done. It has changed the way I think, introduced me to people and worlds I couldn’t have imagined, and given me the good fortune to love what I do every day while also providing strong financial and career prospects.

I’m so grateful that I came across this field, and that my dad believed in me and my abilities — even more than I believed in myself. Working in this STEM field is an honor and privilege that I don’t take for granted, and an amazing opportunity I encourage everyone to look into, especially women who may not have pictured themselves in such a role.

We’ll continue to introduce some of our great team in coming weeks; watch this space and let us know if you have any pressing questions about life as an Invoice2go engineer. And we’re still growing. Visit our careers page and get in touch today; we’re always looking for talented people to join our team.