The new year brings out our best intentions. On January 1st, losing ten pounds or making a little extra cash feel like attainable goals. By February, those goals are often forgotten… until next year.

We’d like to help you beat the odds by giving you five simple ways to get ahead. Then, throughout the year, check back to find more tips and stories to help keep you on track.

Make more money.
Unpaid invoices can mean lost profits and a disappointing bottom line. That’s why we’ve added a new payments option, which gives customers the option to pay you with a debit or credit card. All you have to do is go to Payment Options in Settings and turn on debit and credit card payments. Once it’s on, all of your invoices will include a convenient link that customers can use to pay you online. To get started, launch Invoice2go.

Want to know more? Here are all the details.

* Debit and credit card payments available in U.S. and Canada


Look more professional.
A typed invoice is much better than a handwritten one, but it’s time to take things one step further. Customize your invoice by choosing a template design, uploading your logo and creating fields specific to your business. Don’t have a logo? Use our simple logo creation tool to design one on the fly— no graphic design background needed.


Make the most of your time.
Instead of spending evenings and weekends creating estimates, invoicing clients, and tracking expenses, get more done on the go with our apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android. Take advantage of the moments between appointments and lunch breaks to get ahead. We’ll keep track of everything you send, so all you need to do is create and go.

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Stay organized.
One of the hardest aspects of running your own business is staying organized. We make this easier by tracking how your business performs throughout the year and providing automatically-generated reports. You can also review past invoices and estimates to make sure you’re getting paid for all your work. When tax time rolls around, you’ll have all the information you need without having to search through piles and files.


Simplify daily tasks.
Now that you know the basics of Invoice2go, it’s time to go pro. Did you know you can take an estimate and convert it into an invoice with one tap? You can also upload your client and product/services lists to make the estimate and invoice creation process that much faster.