We recently updated Invoice2go and I have read through all the customer feedback you’ve given us. The frustration felt by many customers is coming through loud and clear to me. I can see it’s partly the result of changes we’ve made to the app and also partly due to some temporary issues we’re ironing out with the app.

I think it’s important that I provide some background information to give you a better understanding of why we made certain decisions.

Invoice2go was founded over a decade ago, before the arrival of smartphones and wide adoption of “the cloud” for small business. While the platform was state of the art at the time, it was built with the desktop computer in mind.

When the smartphone arrived, it was time to look beyond the desktop. We mobilized our customer experience and introduced a steady stream of new features, which always used the latest technology.

However, as time went on, our once simple structure became out-dated and overloaded with technical complexities. It became obvious that if we were to continue to provide the reliable and easy-to-use experience that our customers had grown to know and love, we’d need to start from scratch.

The new Invoice2go is built on stable new foundations that are well equipped for the future. We’ve retired some less popular features so we can focus on those that provide the most benefit for our customers.

Believe me when I say we didn’t make these changes in haste. The team has spent months working with hundreds of business owners to test and inform the experience that you’re seeing today. I can see from your feedback that some of these decisions have had a significant impact to your business, and I sincerely apologize for that.

We haven’t stopped listening, and we never will. We’re currently working on a range of improvements and fixes, based on your feedback, including:

  • More flexibility in managing your invoice list – we’re bringing back the ability to see paid and unpaid invoices in separate tabs, filtering the invoice list by year, sorting in ascending order and sorting by client.
  • Improvements to search – including the ability to search clients and invoice list by all fields, and more searchable document fields such as item description and product code.
  • Operational enhancements – including the ability to perform bulk actions eg. mark multiple invoices as paid.

We are working as fast as we can to roll these out to you and you’ll see them appear in the coming weeks. I’m committing to you that they will all be available by one month from today, July 19, at the very latest.

With new technology upgrade behind us, we can continuously improve the app and introduce best-in-class features with minimal downtime to your business.

Finally, I’m sorry that we’ve caused disruption to your business and I’d like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Greg Waldorf