Starting your own business means saying ‘no thanks’ to working for “the man”; it means being in the driver’s seat and taking control of your own destiny. But it also means wearing every single hat and managing all the small details that keep your business running smooth.

Lucky for you, there’s some fantastic mobile apps and online tools available that can help you get started without breaking the bank, and make running a solo operation more feasible than ever before.

We know it can be a full time job working out which tools are right for you – so we’ve taken some of the leg work out. Here’s a list of some of our favorite low-cost online tools to help you set up and manage your new small business:

Setting things up

Namiumapps for small business

Getting your business name right is one the hardest parts of setting up shop. All you need is a few words of inspiration and Namium will generate an extensive list of business names, saving hours of brainstorming.


This tool aims to bring professional, simple and beautiful websites to everyone. In today’s world, it’s vital to have a basic website for potential customers to access.


The one stop shop for legal solutions to starting a business, whether it’s business name, trademarking, or any other small business legal matters.

Business Management Apps


Running your business from your home, car or perhaps a cafe? This tool lets you use your mobile phone as a professional line to chat with customers without the cost of a business phone system.


Okay, we’re biased, but Invoice2go makes it really simple for business owners, freelancers, and side giggers to send professional invoices, track work and collect payment right when a job is finished. The new mobile payment feature means the smallest of businesses can allow their customers to pay via debit and credit card straight from their invoice.


With a free plan for start ups, Mailchimp is a great way to design and send email to your customers. The tool allows users to manage contacts and create customized campaigns to send off professional looking e-newsletters.



There’s nothing worse than forgetting a great idea.  Online note taking tool, Evernote is a free program that’s great for storing, organizing, and sharing text and photos across all your devices. We love it for keeping track of exciting ideas, tracking agendas, and organizing to-do lists.


If you’re just starting out in business, skip the paper and go digital from day one. Apps like Scanbot minimize the risk involved in keeping paper documents, such as misplacing an important paper report. You can use this app to quickly capture docs, photos and contracts, and to edit them digitally.


Officially say farewell to printers, scanners and paperwork in your new business with DocuSign. The app makes it easy to fill and sign documents – as credible and law-binding as a pen on paper.


Keep your social, work, and digital lives seamlessly organized with Cal. This free app offers easier scheduling and categorizing of events on your calendar.

Staying Social


Starting a new business can be lonely at times, so it’s important to find people who are in the same boat, share similar goals to share ideas and talk through the challenges of going it alone. provides an online and mobile networking site to connect you with other small business owners. It’s also a great way to meet potential customers by catering directly to your niche market.

New technology is making the barrier to starting your own business lower than ever. By using tools such as Invoice2go to invoice customers and collect payments, and to network with others, you have the perfect starting point for a low-cost way to increase cash flow and jumpstart your next chapter.


Learn more about Invoice2go, or download the Android or iOS app today.