When Maurice Harris came to Los Angeles for college 15 years ago, he never knew that he would end up starting his own business, in the floral industry of all places.  Now, he owns Bloom & Plume, a full service flower shop in the Echo Park neighborhood that he started 5 years ago.  Bloom & Plume creates custom, made to order floral arrangements for all sorts of requests, from lavish events like parties and weddings, to weekly deliveries for stores and homes.

Maurice began his journey into the floral industry because it was time to try something new. When the recession hit, Maurice was laid off from his corporate job doing windows for Juicy Couture, and started doing freelance flower gigs. People responded well to his creations and he discovered that he enjoyed working in the world of flowers. Says Maurice, “flowers give instant gratification.  They make people immediately happy, but their ephemerality forces you to appreciate the moment you are in, and to not get too attached.”

invoice2go client florist

Maurice and employees of Bloom and Plume at an event.

Since the initial accidental tumble into the industry, Maurice has grown his staff to three other full time employees and keeps a very busy schedule.  “When you become a business owner and your business starts to grow, the creative aspect becomes less and less of what you do- it turns more into a focus on clients and management,” says Maurice.  To spend more time doing what he loves and less time managing cash flow, he turned to Invoice2go, which helped him get more organized.  Maurice deems himself “not a very tech-savvy person,” but has recognized the importance of organizational apps, like Invoice2go, and social media apps, like Instagram, as he continues to grow his business.

His goals in this future growth are to continue spreading flowers and happiness to as many people as he can, including his employees.  “Probably the most kickass part of owning my own business is that I get to work with amazing people.  It’s empowering to supply jobs to people who I think are awesome, who I consider my family,” muses Maurice.  He continues, saying, “I love what we do.  When you see the gratitude, and the happiness, and the love when people get our arrangements- it just makes me feel like we’re doing the right thing.”

A beautiful creation done by Maurice- can you spot him hidden in the arrangement?

A beautiful creation done by Maurice- can you spot him hidden in the arrangement?

To keep up with Maurice and the work of all the awesome people at Bloom & Plume, check out their Instagram.