Technology is enabling people wherever they live to start and run the business of their dreams, and in 2015, those businesses were booming. Celebrating the success of those who have gone out on their own, Invoice2go has released a ranking of the Top 25 U.S. Cities for Small Business in 2015.

Highest Achievers: Top 25 US Cities for Small Business

Invoice2go’s ranking, pulled from aggregated usage data from more than 23,000 small and micro business owners across the U.S., shines a light on an otherwise difficult to measure subset of the economy. What do we know about America’s one to two person shops, the gardeners, plumbers, tutors, pool cleaners, freelance photographers – the people who have rolled up their sleeves, taken a risk and gone out on their own?

Well, we know they are doing some serious business.

The following ranking includes the Top 25 U.S. Cities for Small Business in 2015 which are determined by the average amount each city’s local business invoiced in 2015 using Invoice2go.

Infographic-Top 25 US Cities for Small Business

The top 3 cities for success

#1: Seattle
Does rainy weather mean people stay indoors and keep their nose to the grindstone? Or has the entrepreneurial spirit that founded the country’s most successful coffee franchise rubbed off on everyone else? Whatever it is, Seattle came in as America’s number one city for success in small business, with small to micro businesses there invoicing an average of $179,905 during 2015.

#2: San Francisco
San Francisco has always found itself at the forefront of financial success, from the Gold Rush to the technology boom of recent years. And now, Invoice2go data shows that the city by the bay’s smallest of business owners are thriving in their own right. From gardeners and tutors, to construction workers and event planners, San Francisco’s small businesses invoiced an average of $146,349 in 2015, earning it 2nd place on the Highest Achievers List.

#3: New Orleans
Reversing decades of economic vulnerability, small business growth has been credited for New Orleans’ impressive comeback following Hurricane Katrina ten years ago. Today, nearly 79 percent of the city’s workforce is made up of jobs made possible by local, small businesses, and entrepreneurial activity is 56 percent above the national average. It’s that entrepreneurial spirit that has landed NOLA as #3 on the Highest Achievers list of 2015. Small businesses here invoiced their customers an average of $142,556 during the year.

Other findings:

Sunniest States Reign

California and Florida tie with regards to cities represented most in the top 25 list. Representing California, the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego all make this year’s Highest Achievers list. Florida’s highest achievers include Miami, the coastal resort city Miami Beach, and Orlando.

Is busy better?

We also looked at which of the Top 25 Highest Achievers were busiest during 2015, determined by the number of invoices each business sent. In the case of the U.S.’s highest achievers, busiest isn’t always best. Businesses in Las Vegas send more invoices on average each month (125) than any other city on our list. Seattle businesses owners (who ranked #1 on the Highest Achievers list) send an average of 61 invoices each month.