Jobs Less Travelled is a series that highlights unusual and unique professions of small business owners who use Invoice2go. From scuba divers to exotic animal control, stay tuned for stories about the surprising world of small businesses.

invoice2go client animal control

Chris with a King Snake– don’t worry, this is a good one, it kills rattlesnakes and other dangerous pests!

A lot of people make their livings by mediating conflict.

The same goes for Chris Vrabel, who says his mission is “to provide wildlife-human conflict resolution.” He does this through his business, Pacific Coast Animal Control, which has a solution to any sort of critter problem a homeowner might encounter, like a raccoon in the house, or rattlesnakes in the backyard.

Above all, Chris says his work is humane; some animals are sent to rehabilitators and he installs non-harmful barriers that prevent animals from being a nuisance to their human neighbors. With 8 years of business experience under his belt, he has gotten to be quite good at finding peaceful solutions that make everyone happy.

When he started PCAC with his wife back then, he says the toughest part was just finding the motivation every day. “You have bad days and good days,” he says, “but in order to succeed, you have to give it your all regardless.” Part of giving it his all was keeping up with technology. Says Chris, “other people will get the edge on you if you’re not exploring new tech options.” Being mobile has been crucial for Chris, like most small businesses. It was because of his mobility that he found Invoice2go two years ago. “I don’t have to carry a clipboard anymore, all my documents are a click away on my tablet,” Chris says.

Right now, Chris is strategizing ways to bring on other full time employees, since he wants to grow and expand his business. For now, he says he is happiest on the job when he gets to see the smile on customers’ faces when he resolves an issue for them.

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