My Work Hacks is a series that asks Invoice2go customers to share their tips, tricks, and stories on how they work, maintain balance and stay productive.

Name: Craig
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Business: Dent Tech of Lexington


How did you get started?

Dent Tech was started out of necessity in 2009. My best friend and I were laid off on the same day due to economic conditions. Both being dads, we needed to support our families so we started our own dent removal business and just gave it a shot! We had never started our own business so it was a real challenge becoming our own manager and getting our first customers. Almost 7 years on, we have a great customer base in the Lexington area and feel very blessed for our business’ growth.

What’s your typical day look like?

I arrive at the job site, let’s say a dealership, and I recondition used cars – we fix them up so they look great again. The process of my job usually follows; understanding what the issues is, making a list, fixing whatever necessary and then once complete, I jump in my truck and invoice instantly before I leave the job site.

Top tips for finding new business?Invoice2go small business Customer Dent tech

One of my best tips for finding new business is taking care of existing business. It’s important to create long lasting relationships through continual short interactions with your customers. That way, it makes it much harder for them to switch companies down the track.

  • Face-to-face time with my customers on a weekly basis helps to continue building those relationships, which in the end, means more job opportunities.
  • I personally approach new customers by walking into a dealership that we’re not currently doing work for, have a chat and form a relationship. People appreciate a personal touch.
  • I also find potential customers anywhere I go, for example, I made friends with some guys at golf and now they’re my customers. It comes down to word of mouth.


What motivates you?

I love growing my business, and luckily I’ve got a wonderful partner to grow it with.
We’re yin and yang and we really complete each other being a mix of technical and business oriented people.


How do you keep yourself organized?

As a business owner and manager, having to be organized with billing and invoices was initially, very daunting. We found Invoice2go which took all the difficulty away. I use it on my phone when I’m with a customer in the field, instantly organizing myself and taking away all paperwork. My business partner and I can be both be using the app in real-time – it has made management so much easier.


How do you maintain work life balance?
  • The most important thing is knowing when to draw a line in the sand. You must have your priorities straight.
  • Set a hard line where work starts and finishes and vice versa.
  • Being family men, family is first for us so we know when to stop and give our attention to our families.