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How to Build a Business Brand

Join Brand Strategist and Consultant Nakita Pope in this free mini-course to learn how to quickly create a compelling business brand that brings you more professional success. Lay the foundation and create a cohesive brand identity you can apply to all your professional projects.

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Course outline

Whether you know it or not, you already have a personal brand. The question is: are you intentionally cultivating it or leaving it to chance?

What do you think comes to mind first when your friends, family, and professional contacts think of you? What types of content do you share on social media? When you type your name into Google, what comes up first? 

A strong personal brand helps you put your best foot forward. Whether it’s a customer, prospective business partner, or even a date, people will search for you. 70% of employers screen candidates online during the hiring process.

These five mini-lessons will quickly help you in building your personal brand. Whether you’re a new freelancer or have been in business for years, there’s something for you. After each lesson, you’ll find a short homework assignment to help you immediately apply what you’ve learned to boost your brand.

Day 1: What’s my personal brand?

Your personal brand is the culmination of people’s perceptions and associations, including your professional experience, education, core values, and hobbies. Intentionally strengthening your personal brand will boost your credibility in your industry, help you find your ideal clients, and establish authentic and fulfilling partnerships.

In this short video, Nakita discusses personal branding and why it’s crucial to your business’s success. Learn how improving your professional image positions you as an industry leader, helps you win trust with customers, and makes your work more fulfilling. After the video, you’ll complete a quick brainstorm session to jot down all the ways stronger personal branding can positively impact your business.

Day 2: The 5 building blocks of your own personal brand

Understand how the stories you tell and how you communicate your values make it easier for others to connect with you. See how you can leverage your reputation – from your expertise, relationships, and style – to make progress towards your goals. 

Here Nakita shares simple tips on how to improve your communication and storytelling to 

establish stronger relationships with your network. Once you’ve finished the video, you’ll access a worksheet to audit your personal brand. Hone in on your strengths and see where you have room for growth.

Day 3: Your brand and audience archetypes

Learn why you need to define the demographics, psychographics, and archetype of those you want to do business with. See how better understanding your customers’ identity, cover values, and personality traits will help you have more meaningful conversations and stay on track.

After the video, you’ll define your audience and customer archetypes to discover ways you can market your service in a way that resonates with them.

Day 4: What makes the best personal brands so effective?

What makes your own personal brand stand out? Do you serve a specific niche? Perhaps you have a particular skill set or industry expertise your competitors don’t have. Learn how to set yourself apart from the competition and definitively tell your audience what makes you unique. 

After this module, you’ll write your personal brand statement, including your expertise, personal story, and unique qualifications. Develop this statement into a 300-word bio that you can immediately add to your personal website.

Day 5: Everyday applications of your personal brand

For this final unit, you’ll learn how to put the work you’ve done so far this week into action. Here Nakita discusses how to use the information you’ve learned so far to update your resume, website, social media, and appearance to reflect your brand better.


For your final homework assignment, you’ll write out how the things that you’ve learned about yourself and your personal brand can be applied to the vehicles you use (or will use) for your brand. How will you update your resume, personal website, digital marketing materials, and online persona? 

  • Day 1: What’s my business brand?Link
  • Day 2: The building blocks of a compelling brand identityLink
  • Day 3: Define your brand and audience archetypesLink
  • Day 4: Establishing a successful brand voice and brand storyLink
  • Day 5: Applications for your own brandLink

Meet the trainer


Hi, I’m Nakita Pope, the instructor of Building Your Business Brand! I’m so excited about this mini-course and all the ways it will help you in building a brand identity you love. Branding is more than just a buzzword. Discover how to use it to get the reputation, clients, and partnerships you want.

I founded my business, Branding Chicks, almost ten years ago now. We specialize in brand strategy and brand development for women-owned businesses and femme-focused brands. However, the information in this mini-course aims to help anyone with brand building. Outside of Branding Chicks, I’m a professor and Diversity & Inclusion Advisor at The Creative Circus, a premier advertising school in Atlanta.

I’m excited to share my expertise in brand position, brand voice, and target audience. Together we’ll go through the brand-building process and I’ll cover how to tell a compelling brand story that connects with your target market both visually and with your messaging. I hope you enjoy the course and use it to help build your personal and business brand!

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