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Managing Entrepreneur Anxiety

Anxiety can feel overwhelming and impossible to change, especially when you run your own business. At any given moment, you might find yourself tackling an endless to-do list, working long hours, dealing with upset customers, worrying about job security, and so much more. For many entrepreneurs, all of this can take a huge mental and emotional toll.

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Course outline

Let’s face it: Being an entrepreneur is stressful. Running a small business can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, with little time to take a beat. Anxiety is a natural response to these challenges – but healthy stress management is an essential skill for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. It’s also key to overall health. 

In this free mini-course led by Lexi, along with skilled coaches and therapists, you’ll learn stress management tactics you can use anytime during the workday to soothe your nervous system in a matter of minutes. All you’ll need is your breath. 

The homework assignments after each module will give you a chance to practice these deep breathing exercises and integrate them into your daily routine so you can continue to run and grow your business, despite the mental health challenges along the way. 

Day 1: Box breathing to manage stress 📦

Join Jen Cui, a holistic health coach, to learn The Box Breath. This is a good starting point you can apply to reduce stress and manage entrepreneur anxiety – without anyone knowing it.  

In this module, you’ll discover this simple yet effective stress management technique, which you can use before a presentation or in any stressful situation. All you have to do is inhale for a count of four, hold for four, exhale for four, and hold for another four. Along the way, you’ll start to feel your body slow down in a healthy way as you reconnect with yourself, leading to reduced anxiety. 

Day 2: The humming bee breath 🐝 

Today’s stress management technique is the Humming Bee Breath, one of Lexi’s favorites for navigating uncomfortable situations and managing entrepreneur anxiety. Plus, research suggests it can lower blood pressure, too. 

In this module, you’ll learn this yogic practice – also known as Bhramari pranayama, one of the oldest stress management techniques  – from breathwork coach Clarissa Hoffmann. Use it anytime you feel stressed to slow your spinning mind and relax your nervous system. Simply inhale through your nose and exhale while saying “mmm.” These sound vibrations can help you shift your thinking in ways breath alone might not. 

Day 3: Alternative nostril breathing 👃

Take a moment with registered health teacher Aleece Behr to learn alternative nostril breathing, another great stress management technique. Whether you’re overwhelmed or just on edge from running around all day, it’ll help you control your breath, and research suggests it can calm your nervous system. 

In this module, you’ll try out this effective stress management technique. First, plug one of your nostrils with your thumb, then breathe in through the open nostril. Plug the open nostril with your pinky or index finger, and exhale through the other. Repeat for a total of at least five times. While it might feel funny at first, it’s a powerful tool for managing entrepreneur stress. 

Day 4: Breath of fire 🔥

On those days when nothing seems to be going as you’d hoped, you need a tool that not only lowers stress levels, but boosts optimism, too. Today’s stress management technique packs the dose of positive energy you need to achieve success as an entrepreneur. 

In this module, you’ll join Clarissa in practicing the Breath of Fire technique, which offers both stress relief and an instant pick-me-up. You’ll start with a simple deep breath before building to a double deep breath, getting your blood pumping. Afterward, you’ll feel energized and ready to take on the challenges of your day. (Note that this technique is not recommended for people who are pregnant, or have vertigo or high blood pressure.) 

Day 5: Countdown to calm ⏰

The final stress management tip in this mini-course will help you feel good and get through challenging parts of your day, delivering another instant pick-me-up. 

In this module, you’ll reconnect with Aleece to learn Countdown to Calm, an effective stress management tool to bring your scattered thoughts back to the here and now. You’ll count down from five, and engage one of your five senses with each number. The beauty of this technique? You can do it anywhere, and it can give you much-needed positive energy when you’re down.

  • Day 1: Box breathing to manage stress 📦Link
  • Day 2: The humming bee breath 🐝 Link
  • Day 3: Alternative nostril breathing 👃Link
  • Day 5: Countdown to calm ⏰Link
  • Day 4: Breath of fire 🔥Link
  • Conclusion 👋Link

For whom?

Overwhelmed entrepreneurs who want to learn to manage stress instead of letting stress control them.

Meet the trainer


Hi, I’m Lexi Lewtan, the founder and CEO of Centered, a platform that offers affordable, on-demand video techniques for managing anxiety, burnout, and more. I’m so excited to present my mini-course for handling entrepreneur anxiety, brought to you by Invoice2go, a Bill.com company.

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