Say hello to the new Invoice2go

Your comprehensive guide to get you started.

Say hello to the new Invoice2go

Your comprehensive guide to get you started

Smarter design. Increased speed. More reliability.

Updated app icon

The new Invoice2go will have a new app icon, so keep an eye out on your homescreen for the icon with a green plane on a dark background.

New look

The first thing you’ll notice is the refreshed look and streamlined layout. We want to get you up and running as quickly as possible on the new app so once you update, there will be onboarding screens to help you get started – make sure you check them out.

Automatic syncing

We want you to have everything you need on whatever device you use. We’ve upgraded the technical side of our platform so you can focus on business, without a hitch and always have reliable access to the documents that you need.

Home screen and notifications

The new home screen and notifications center will help you manage your business. These redesigned areas will notify you of overdue invoices and important updates.

New features to explore.

Today – your daily to-do list

Today is your one stop shop to see which invoices are outstanding–what’s overdue and what’s due soon- and to save you from having to think about, “who owes me money?” To access Today, simply tap on the Today inbox icon on the top right corner of your home screen. From here, you can also quickly contact your clients via email or message, and mark invoices as paid.

Send your invoices via message

In the new Invoice2go, you can send invoices, estimates, credit memos and POs from any messaging app on your phone. This gives you an easier way to communicate with your clients in an immediate way, without your invoices getting lost in the inbox.

More ways to get paid with Mobile Point of Sale

We’ve integrated with PayPal, so you can now easily accept payments in person–right from your Invoice2go app using a PayPal Here mobile card reader.

Fast and accurate previews

You’ll now have an instant preview of your invoice before you hit send. See any edit you make in real-time and make key decisions before you pass your invoices along to the customer.

Copy estimates to invoices in one tap

Converting documents has never been easier. In the new Invoice2go, you’ll save time by being able to easily convert estimates to invoices in just one tap.


Statements have a new home within the Clients section, which you will find in the main menu. Simply choose a client, tap on ‘create statement’, and all of the client’s activity will be pulled into a statement which you can easily print or email. You can also see a full breakdown of outstanding balances by client in the Reports section, under Balances. Customer Aging.

Look professional with even more powerful invoice designs.

Updated invoice designs

We’re offering a new set of invoice designs and have improved the editing capabilities so you can optimize your invoices for better performance. Some of the improvements include updated fonts, an expanded color palette allowing you to match your invoice color to your logo, additional space to showcase your business accreditations and the ability to highlight your payment details for faster payment.

Personalized designs

‘Design’ is where you can give yourself a new look. This is the spot to choose one of the 8 invoice templates available, upload your logo, attach your accreditations, and select a banner and watermark.

Personalized layout options

‘Options’ allows you to adjust the structure of your invoice. Here’s where you can: include job specific details, turn product codes on, add additional text fields, enter your terms and conditions and manage your payment terms.


Time entries

Track your work. Adding time entries has been streamlined so you can now easily add the hours you work on a job directly to the invoice.


Make your invoices official. Add your signature during the invoice or estimate creation stage and leave a spot for customers to electronically sign and approve.


Upgrade your receipt experience. You can take photos of receipts and add your expenses directly to your invoice. If you have recurring expenses they will be kept in a list for future use.

Currency management

Tax tables and options to fit your business. Seamless work across multiple currencies and tax types without complicating the process.

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