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Get a copy of our free construction invoice template to make manually invoicing easier. Edit and customize this invoice template to suit your business and get paid faster.

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Download the best construction invoice template

Construction invoice templates have gotten popular due to their ease of use. Download this free invoice template and start creating professional-looking invoices for your construction business in minutes.

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Benefits of construction invoice templates

Invoicing is an essential part of life for all construction companies. The truth is that it is one of the most tedious processes, especially if you run your construction business solo. 

Here are four benefits of using a construction invoice template:

  1. Ease of use
  2. It saves a lot of time
  3. Create them anywhere anytime
  4. It’s free

Free invoice generator

To quickly generate a one-off construction invoice, you can use our free invoice generator. Just make sure you fill in the essential details such as:

  • Invoice number
  • Name of your business and contact information
  • The customer’s contact details
  • The invoice’s due date
  • Terms of payment
  • Product or service details
  • Product or service information’ sales tax
  • Discounts offered
  • Other information you may find important

How to edit a construction invoice template?

Whenever you’re using a construction invoice template, ensure it reflects your business’s style and suits your needs.

Here are the steps on how to edit a construction invoice template:

  1. Select the construction invoice template from our site
  2. Download it in your preferred format (PDF, Excel, Word)
  3. Open the document and add your company’s logo and name
  4. Fill in essential details
  5. Save the invoice
  6. Send invoice to your client

What are the different types of construction invoices?

There are several types of invoices that depend on the construction project you are billing for. The main types of invoices are:

  • Proforma Invoice: One you give to a client at the start of a project to offer an estimate on how much the project will cost
  • Interim Invoice: It breaks down the total costs into small parts to help with the management of cash flow
  • Final Invoice: You send to a client once the project is done for them to make a payment
  • Recurring Invoice: Sent to repeat clients for repetitive projects

Construction invoice frequently asked questions

What Is a construction invoice?

A construction invoice is designed specifically for people in the construction business. It is a document used to initiate the payment process for the work completed, labor hours, and materials used for a project through a specific period.

How do I write a construction invoice?

Writing a Construction invoice can be done using one of our invoice templates. You simply need to download it and customize it according to your preferences, including your company’s and client’s information.

If you are looking to automate Construction invoicing and payment processes, give a construction invoicing software like Invoice2go a try.

How do I create a construction invoice template?

You don’t need to be an expert with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Excel. Nor do you need to be a graphic designer to create a Construction invoice template.

Download one of our pre-designed invoice templates and construction receipt templates and customize it to suit your business. Save a copy of this customized invoice template and use it as the template to generate invoices for all of your future construction work.

What is included in a construction invoice template?

Your construction invoice template should contain this basic information:

  • The name of your business
  • The customer’s contact details
  • Due date
  • Terms of payment
  • Service details, labor costs, and material costs
  • and other information you may find necessary to include.

How do I invoice labor?

Simply include a labor line item on your invoice to bill for labor. When invoicing labor, ensure you detail the hourly rates and tasks completed.

How do I write a subcontractor invoice?

Select a subcontractor invoice from our templates, download it in your desired format, open it and personalize the invoice editing the information fields. Save it in whichever format you prefer and send it to your client via email.

Try our free invoice generator tool today if you’re looking to generate a quick subcontractor invoice and make getting paid easier.