Construction Receipt Template

Tracking expenses for construction can be extremely complex, but you can make it easier with a quality construction receipt template.

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Download a construction receipt template

Instead of reinventing the wheel, use a time-tested construction receipt template from Invoice2go. We offer print-ready pdf templates and spreadsheets and text documents that you can easily edit to suit your needs. Construction comes with unique considerations that separate it from other industries, so get off to the right start with the receipt templates we’ve designed especially for your industry.


What is a construction receipt?

A construction receipt is a recognition of payment and documentation of costs, taxes, and related information that are important for bookkeeping services. Making a construction receipt from scratch can be challenging, as final costs tend to be quite complex. Different types of labor with separate payment models as well as goods and materials need to figure in. Using a construction receipt template means you’re immediately ready to go.

Benefits of using a construction receipt template

No serious construction company can operate without offering receipts. However, it can be challenging to make a construction receipt from scratch. By using a construction receipt template, you can potentially sidestep all of these concerns and immediately have a suitable receipt design available. Even if your construction receipt template isn’t 100% perfect, it’s easier to make minor changes than starting from scratch.

Easily develop a custom construction receipt

By starting with a construction receipt template, you’ll already have suitable stylistic choices and a good basic framework for your custom construction receipt. In the best-case scenario, you might need to add nothing more than your company information and a logo. But even if you need to add new fields or make slight changes to concerns like font or spacing, it’s easier to make modifications than starting from scratch.


How to edit a construction receipt template

There are two occasions where you might need to edit a construction receipt template. First, when you initially download the template, you might want to edit it to suit your company’s unique needs. 

The other occasion is if you want to fill out or issue a receipt digitally, in which case you’ll need to fill in the relevant fields via text editor. One typical problem is that official documents are usually pdfs, but these are difficult to edit. However, there are still easy ways to edit and fill out a construction receipt template.

Edit your construction receipt template to suit your needs by taking the following steps:

  1. Download a construction receipt template in the text document or spreadsheet format.
  2. Use a suitable program such as Word, Excel, or Google Suite to open the document.
  3. Make changes and add your companies’ information to the receipt.
  4. Save the document as a pdf if you want to print them out and fill in physical receipts by hand. Save as a text document or spreadsheet to facilitate future digital completion/issuance.

What information is on a construction receipt

A construction receipt needs to include several categories of important information to meet regulatory and professional standards. These categories are:

  • The information of your company, such as name and contact information. This should be standard across all receipts
  • Information to distinguish this unique receipt from others, such as a receipt number, the name of the client, and the issuance date
  • Services and their costs, including whether the charge is a single sum or a cumulative hourly charge
  • The cost and quantities of goods that contribute to the final cost your client needs to pay
  • A total cost for all goods and services
  • Relevant taxes that the customer must pay

Construction Receipt Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a construction receipt?

You can make a construction receipt by opening up a professional text editor and following some core design fundamentals. Put the information and branding of your company at the top or bottom, as well as identifying information such as a unique receipt number and the client’s name. The body of the receipt should consist of rows and columns describing goods/services and costs. Check out all the other receipt templates we have to offer.

What are the benefits of providing a construction receipt?

Like your construction invoice, providing a construction receipt gives an impression of real professionalism and helps the customer track expenses and tax obligations more easily. Providing a receipt that breaks down cost calculation for the customer is effectively an obligation for construction companies.

Why are construction receipts important?

Construction is a uniquely high-stakes, high-cost industry and both parties need a clear paper trail as well as a transparent basis for prices. Without construction receipts, both of your organizations will have vast expenses that will be difficult to trace during an audit.

Consider using a construction invoicing software like Invoice2go to stay organized with invoices and receipts.