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Payment Terms

Welcome to Invoice2go Payments! “Invoice2go Payments” is a set of features designed to enable you (“End Customer”) to pay invoices you receive from Invoice2go users (“Merchants”). Please read these terms carefully.  In addition to our Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, these Invoice2go Payments Terms (“Payments Terms”) apply to End Customers who pay  Merchants through Invoice2go Payments. By submitting a payment or otherwise using Invoice2go Payments, you agree to these Payments Terms, Website Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.  Please read each of these documents carefully.  Together, these documents are known as “Terms.”

Your Responsibilities. To pay an invoice from a Merchant through Invoice2go Payments (a “Payment Transaction”), you must provide valid and complete information about your chosen payment method (“Payment Method”).  The information that you will need to provide depends on the payment method you choose: (1) for credit or debit card (“Payment Cards”) payments, you must provide valid and complete credit or debit card information; (2) for ACH payments made from a checking or savings account (“Payment Account”), you will need to provide complete and accurate bank account information.  If you make a Payment Transaction, you represent and warrant that (i) you are legally authorized to make such payment and provide your payment information, without violating any laws, regulations, terms or agreements relating to use of your Payment Account or your credit or debit accounts, and (ii) your accounts have sufficient credit or funds available to complete the payment.

Invoice2go Payments Transactions. When you initiate a Payment Transaction, you acknowledge and agree that your Payment Transaction is solely between you and the Merchant; Invoice2go is not a party to your Payment Transaction and assumes no liability or responsibility for any products, services or offerings of any Merchant. 

When you initiate a Payment Transaction, Invoice2go may present your available and eligible Payment Methods to you at the time of the transaction.  Not all Payment Methods are eligible for all Payment Transactions.  After you select the Payment Method that you wish to use, Invoice2Go may charge that Payment Method, or may share the Payment Method and related details and data with one of its Payment Partners (defined below) or affiliates, and the Payment Partner will then process the transaction on behalf of the Merchant.  You authorize the charge or debit to your Payment Method as necessary to complete processing of a Payment Transaction.  You also authorize any crediting or debiting to or from your Payment Method in connection with reversals, refunds, or adjustments related to your Payment Transaction.

For details or terms relating to a specific Payment Transaction, including refund or dispute resolution policies, please refer to the terms of service, help center, or other support materials provided by the Merchant with which you transacted.  

Invoice2go or our Payment Partners may delay payment processing of suspicious transactions or transactions that may involve fraud, misconduct, or violate applicable law, the Terms, or other applicable Invoice2go policies, as determined in Invoice2go or our Payment Partners’ discretion.

Your Data. When you initiate a Payment Transaction, Invoice2go may pass details of your eligible Payment Method and related information to our Payment Provider so that it can process your transaction.  Your payments to Merchants are processed by one of our third-party service providers.  These providers currently include Stripe, PayPal, Adyen, and Unit (individually and collectively, “Payment Partners”).  The Payment Partner that processes your payment will depend on the features enabled by the Merchant you are paying and how you choose to pay the Merchant.  In processing your payments to Merchants, our Payment Partners use your payment information in accordance with Invoice2go’s agreements with the Payment Partners, Invoice2go’s Terms, and as described in the Payment Partners’ privacy policies.  Invoice2go may also collect certain information from you (or receive it from the Payment Partners), which we use in accordance with the Invoice2go Privacy Policy.  

We may offer features to allow you to store your payment information with the Payment Partner or create an account for future payments.  If you choose to enable these features but then subsequently wish to delete or modify stored payment information, please contact us.  In order to save a Payment Method, you must complete all required information on any forms presented to you.  The information must be current, complete, and accurate.

Invoice2go Disclaimers. Invoice2go is not your bank, agent, or trustee or otherwise involved in the flow of your funds or Payment Transactions. Any payment dispute must be resolved between the Merchant and you. 


Disputes can arise from both authorized and unauthorized transactions. Invoice2go is not responsible for or liable to you for authorized and completed charges or payments related to your Payment Transactions that are later the subject of a dispute, refund, or reversal, are submitted without authorization or in error, or violate any laws.

Invoice2go’s RoleNeither Invoice2go nor any of its affiliates are a party to any cardholder agreements, privacy policies, or other terms of use for your Payment Methods or the terms of use of our Payment Partners.  Nothing in these Terms modifies any such issuer terms or Payment Partner terms of use.  In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and your issuer’s terms or privacy policy, these Terms will govern the relationship between you and Invoice2go with respect to Invoice2go Payments, and your issuer’s terms will govern the relationship between you and the issuer.  In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and our Payment Partners terms of use, these Terms will govern the relationship between you and Invoice2go with respect to Payment Transactions, and our Payment Partner’s terms will govern the relationship between you and the Payment Partner. Invoice2go does not make any representation or verify that any of your Payment Methods is in good standing or that the issuer of your Payment Method will authorize or approve any transaction with a merchant when you use Invoice2go Payments for that transaction.

Neither Invoice2go nor its affiliates are involved in issuing credit or determining eligibility for credit, nor do they exercise control over the availability or accuracy of Payment Methods or funds for your Payment Transactions.

Bank Account PaymentsThrough our Payment Partners, you may initiate an Invoice2go Payment from an Automated Clearing House enabled Bank Account (“ACH Payments”).  For ACH Payments, your use of Invoice2go Payments to initiate a Payment Transaction to a Merchant will include your consent and authorization for our Payment Providers to initiate and process debits and credits from your Payment Account in accordance with your instructions.  You acknowledge that all electronic ACH transfers requested by you through our Payment Partners or processed by our Payment Partners are subject to the Operating Rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association and all other applicable laws, rules, and regulations, which may include the Uniform Commercial Code Article 4A.  You understand and agree that it may take more than 60 days for our Payment Partners to receive notice of the return of an ACH debit and/or to exercise any rights granted under these terms.  You agree at all times to maintain sufficient funds in your Payment Account to fund ACH transactions you initiate through Invoice2go Payments, including returns and reversals.

Invoice2go does not charge End Customers a separate fee for using Invoice2go Payments. However, your Merchant may choose, where allowed by law, to pass fees they are charged for accepting card payments (“Card Payment Fees”) to you as part of an invoice.  The Merchant, and not Invoice2go is solely responsible for complying with any and all laws related to passing these Card Payment Fees to you.  Invoice2go does not make any determination, recommendation, or judgment whatsoever about whether applicable laws allow the Merchant to pass Card Payment Fees on to you.  You remain solely responsible for all amounts owed to your Merchant (including if our Payment Partners cannot successfully process your payment) or your bank, Payment Card issuer, mobile carrier, or internet service provider.  

Modifications. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, we may modify, suspend or terminate Invoice2go Payments or these Payments Terms at any time.  Modifications to these Payments Terms will be effective upon posting and will apply for any future payments you make through Invoice2go Payments.