Invoice2go joining forces with Bill.com

Invoice2go has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Bill.com. We’ve put together some answers to frequently asked questions we’ve received on the agreement and what it means for our customers.

Why did Invoice2go agree to be acquired by Bill.com?

Invoice2go and Bill.com both serve SMB and mid-sized customers. You know Invoice2go has easy-to-use and simple online tools to manage invoicing, estimates, digital payments, time tracking, client relationships, reviews, and other tools to manage your business. Joining with Bill.com allows us to more seamlessly provide complementary tools, like bill pay and automation of back-office tasks. Once the transaction closes, both companies will be positioned to serve those customers with an even better all-in-one platform for business finance.

Who is Bill.com and what products do they offer? 

Bill.com is a leading provider of cloud-based software that simplifies, digitizes, and automates back-office financial processes for small and mid-sized businesses. Their customers come from all industries, ranging from startups to established brands and nonprofits to franchises.

Where is Bill.com located?

Bill.com’s headquarters are in San Jose, California.

Who are Bill.com’s primary customers?

Mostly small and mid-sized businesses.

Will I have to use Bill.com now?

No. Until the transaction closes following routine regulatory review Invoice2go and Bill.com will operate as separate entities providing separate services, so everything will be “business as usual.” Even after the deal closes, there will be no requirement that if you are an Invoice2go customer you would have to use Bill.com. 

How do I sign up for Bill.com?

You can learn more about Bill.com’s products and pricing at: https://www.bill.com/

As an Invoice2go customer, will I have a free subscription to Bill.com?

No. Until closing, Bill.com is a separate entity and requires a separate paid subscription. 

How do you expect this acquisition to benefit existing customers?

After closing, we believe the combination will enable us to provide a more comprehensive solution for customers by increasing our customers’ ability to manage both revenue-generating workflows (estimates, invoicing, payments, client relationships management) and expense management workflows (bill pay, business card spend management) through a single platform. It empowers small businesses with greater efficiency, control, and visibility across a broader range of payment options. Invoice2go joining Bill.com will enable a platform that will act as a single source of truth for insights across income and spending. 

Is your long-term goal to integrate the companies or will you keep them separate?

We haven’t decided that yet. The acquisition requires routine regulatory approval before closing. So everything will be business as usual until that happens.  

Will anything change from a customer support perspective?

No. Nothing from a customer support perspective will change for Invoice2go customers.

Where can I find more information about this proposed acquisition? 

Read the Press Release here.

When do you expect the acquisition to close? 

Before the end of the calendar year.

Do you expect the acquisition to change Invoice2go’s existing products and services, including pricing? 

No change is expected.