Billing Policy
Jan 31, 2017 til Apr 8, 2019
Billing Policy

Last updated on January 31, 2017. (Superseded April 9, 2019 – see updated Billing Policy)


Using the payment details you provide on, Invoice2go will process a payment for the amount displayed for the subscription.


Because businesses rely on Invoice2go’s continued service to get paid, all subscriptions purchased through are set to auto-renew immediately at the end of the subscription term. At renewal, Invoice2go processes a payment against the payment details initially provided at

You may enable or disable auto-renewal at any time by following instructions on this support page. Should you elect to disable auto-renewal, your subscription will terminate at the end of the billing period for which you have paid. Invoice2go does not offer refunds for any time remaining in your most current subscription term after you disable auto-renew or for any prior lapsed subscription terms.

Upgrading Subscriptions

If you upgrade your subscription at before your current subscription has expired, your auto-renew will be set to renew on the upgraded plan 12 months from your upgrade date.  For example, if you buy a Starter subscription in January and one month later upgrade to a Pro subscription, your account is set to auto-renew at the standard Pro price the following year in February, unless otherwise explicitly noted.

Purchasing Additional Users

If you purchase additional users at, you will be charged a prorated amount depending on the amount of time remaining in your subscription term at the time of purchase. For example, if you purchase an item for $10 halfway through your subscription term you will be charged $5. When your plan expires, Invoice2go will add the subscription price of additional users to the total amount automatically billed for renewal. If you have a monthly or quarterly subscription, you will be charged the full price of additional users on an annual basis and the charge will appear separate from your subscription.


In the event Invoice2go subscription prices change, Invoice2go will notify you of such change at least 30 days before your subscription is set to auto-renew. Unless you cancel your auto-renewal, your continued use of Invoice2go, after being notified of a rate change, indicates your agreement with the new price.


In accordance with our 90-day guarantee, Invoice2go offers customers 90 days from the date of initial purchase and the start of each auto-renewal period to request a full refund from Invoice2go, no questions asked. No refunds are provided after each such 90-day period. Please visit our support page for help initiating a refund request.