We want you to be as productive as possible with Invoice2go, no matter what device you use or what size screen you prefer. We just rolled out a great update for iPhone and iPad, and now we’d like to preview an all-new version of Invoice2go for the web. It incorporates lots of valuable feedback from our user community, so we hope you like what you see.

To start, Invoice2go for the web features a much cleaner design that’s optimized for your computer and its larger screen. We’ve made it easier to navigate and simplified how you get things done. We also put a lot of thought into how you can find information and keep track of important activities across your business.

Get in and get out.
The new design simplifies daily tasks like creating invoices, managing client and product information, viewing reports, tracking time on the job and more.

New Web App - Logo Designer

Find what you need, when you need it.
A powerful new search engine indexes everything you create so you can find it with ease. Search all of your information, including invoices, documents, clients and product descriptions.

New Web App - Search Results

Stay organized without doing anything.
Your activity feed keeps track of information from the past day, week and month. Review invoices you’ve already sent and know which ones are still pending.


Naturally, all of your Invoice2go data, including documents, client and product information stays synced, so you can be productive from your smartphone, tablet and now, more than ever, your computer.

The new Invoice2go for the web will be available soon, so stay tuned for details. As always, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest Invoice2go news.