We’ll soon be releasing a new version of the mobile and web app that feature a smarter design, more reliability and increased speed, so you can send invoices and get paid that much faster.

Updating the app only takes a few minutes, but you can prepare ahead of time by following a few quick pointers:

Decide if you’re ready for the new app.

Once you update to the new Invoice2go app, you will not be able to go back to the old version. This also means that all of the users on your account must also update to the new app. If you’d prefer to wait until a later date to make the change, make sure to turn off the auto-update setting on all of your mobile devices.

Learn how to turn off auto-update

Save your items.

All of the items in your Product List will automatically be transferred across to the new Invoice2go, so make sure that you save them before updating your app. Some of your items may be stored locally on your device auto-fill but not on your Product List. Check to ensure important items are on your Product List to ensure they move across.

How to add an item to your Product List.

Know what needs to be updated.

If you update Invoice2go on one of your devices, it will initiate the update for your entire account. This means you’ll have to update the app on all of your other devices, such as tablets or smartphones.

Write down your password.

Make sure you know your password before you download the app update. You’ll need it when you log back in. If you do forget it, you can reset it here.

And that’s it! We hope you’ll enjoy the new Invoice2go as much as we do  see you on launch day.


For more information on what to expect from the new app, check out our earlier blog posts: An improved Invoice2go is just around the corner  and Take a sneak peek at the new Invoice2go.