My Work Hacks is a series that asks Invoice2go customers to share their tips, tricks, and stories on how they work, maintain balance and stay productive.

Name: Dr. Judy Pawlusiow
Location: Hempstead, New York
Business: Mobile vet (Advanced Veterinary Mobile Diagnostics)

How did you get started in business?

I have been in the business of advanced veterinary diagnostics and procedures for 20 years. I first worked for a mobile practise, then I moved onto another job before deciding to start my own mobile practise. The thought of having control over my schedule and not working for someone else really excited me. I wanted more freedom and ultimately an improved quality of life. So, I started ‘Advanced Veterinary Mobile Diagnostics’.

Often, a pet owner is unwilling or unable to travel with their dog or cat to a referral center, or unfortunately, pet owners cannot afford to carry out advanced diagnostics and procedures. My mobile practice allows me to travel to veterinary hospitals to perform advanced diagnostics and procedures on animals.

Dr. Judy PawlusiowWhat time do you start/finish work?

My work day generally is 8am to 6pm, however on busy days I often work up 14 hours.

What’s your typical day look like?

  • My work day starts at 8am, as I head off in the car to my first appointment.
  • Being a mobile practise, I spend a good portion of my day travelling as I go from practice to practice.
  • I see the animal, complete the necessary service, whether it’s an ultrasound or gastroscopy. I write up the diagnostic report and then invoice the veterinarian – I only interact with the doctor and the animal.
  • After my day of appointments I drive back home – as you can see there is a lot of travel!

What are your tips for staying productive?

Minimize travel time wherever you canI work at practices in New York metro, Connecticut and Jersey in any given week so I am always trying to minimize my travel time between. I separate each day’s appointments by an area to avoid travelling from one state to another. Waze is great to help me get from A to B in the most efficient way possible. The app takes into account updates on traffic, road hazards, police activity and food stops. The less time I spend traveling, the more I can maximize working time to ultimately be as productive as I can be. 

What motivates you?

What motivates me to work everyday is the same motivation I had when going to school to study. I wanted to be able of provide that additional expertise in medicine that clinics don’t have the capacity of. I am of course passionate about pets, and being able to help that pet right there and then is extremely rewarding. I am able to offer my expertise so that animal can make it home successfully and the pet owners aren’t left with a huge financial strain.

I also have a great network with other mobile practises, where we regularly interact and exchange tips which is a great way to keep motivated.

How do you keep your business organised?

Years ago I decided I wanted my mobile practise to be paper free. I was wasting a lot of paper and my paperwork kept inadvertently getting lost. Invoice2go became my digital solution for sending invoices off to the vet as it completely fit my need and overall has made me more efficient. The app facilitates keeping track of my account receivables and ultimately, it keeps them down.
Between my digital invoices and diagnostic reports, I am definitely saving time not chasing up paper and overall my business is significantly more organized and streamlined.