All in the Family is a series that highlights the classic American small business story — one started and run by families.  From spouse duos to multi-generation leadership, Invoice2go celebrates the funny, frustrating, and fulfilling stories that come from working with family.

Mike Musantry was born and raised in the freezing lows and sweltering, humidity filled highs of New York City. That’s all behind him now though, as he says, “my days of shoveling snow are over.” Mike is an all-American guy- a retired New York City police officer who came to Southern California to sell cars. He spent a while in that industry before he was struck by an idea. “One day, I just realized that I could really go for a nice ice cream right now, and I couldn’t find one,” he says. Mike used to get ice cream from a first-rate truck in New York called Mr. Softy, and he wanted to bring that classic summer treat to the perpetual summer of Southern California. All American Softy was born.

Mike is all about family. He named the truck after the initials of his three children— AAS— Alexandra, Andrew, and Samantha, all of whom have fulfilled every kid’s dream of working inside an ice cream truck.

Although it was tough to start out his business and find all of the permits and requirements, Mike has been able to grow All American Softy into a thriving business. They’re celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, and now have several trucks with which they cater events, movie sets, fundraisers, and parties. As Mike says, “the harder you work, the more rewarding it is, and my favorite part of owning my own business is never having to ask someone else for the day off when I’ve earned it.”

In the future, Mike hopes to expand his business into a franchise and is working on opening a permanent location in Northridge. Until then, Mike says, “I’m just happy I can invoice and answer my phone from my pool.”