Every small business owner has a lot of priorities to juggle, and building the right work/life balance into your routine is especially critical when you’re a parent. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, tune in to hear how one successful tutoring business owner, and mompreneur, simplifies her day to day, stays organized, and keeps family at the forefront.

Name: Jamie Klein

Location: Washington, D.C.

Business: Jamie Klein Tutoring

Jamie - Mompreneur MWH

How did you come to be a business owner?

I had been teaching 2nd grade and tutoring as a side gig for over a decade. When I had my son, I decided I wasn’t ready to go back to the classroom. At that point I decided to Start my tutoring business. Slowly but surely, my tutoring business grew from tutoring four neighborhood kids to now tutoring almost 20 students each week.

What does your typical day look like?

Every day is different. I tutor about 20 hours a week; some days I work more than others. Generally, I’m home with my 2 year old or doing parent duty at his preschool co op in the mornings. I have an hour or so to get some work done while my son naps and then I head off to work for the afternoon. I generally tutor from about 3-7pm most days, so I’m home just in time for bedtime.

What motivates you?

I love connecting with children! Nurturing positive relationships with children leads to them having more success. I’m also motivated by the fact that I can hang out with my son and make a living in the same day.

What are you tips for staying organized, being a mom and a business owner?

It takes a village! My husband is super supportive and I have an excellent babysitter that watches my son while I’m at work. My main tips for staying organized revolve around keeping my business plan as simple as possible:

List it – it’s not groundbreaking but lists are truly how I stay organized, efficient and productive as a mom and business owner. I am always making to-do lists for myself so I don’t forget anything important.

Be resourceful with spare time –  I often find myself getting work done in little snippets because the little tasks really make a difference overall. If I’m in transit somewhere, such as on my walk to work I can always sneak in a phone call or email.

Invoice2go – The ease and efficiency of the app allows me to save about an hour a week in dealing with paperwork. I walk home from tutoring a student and send off an invoice right there on the spot. It’s also really easy for the student’s parents to pay me directly through the app which means I am getting paid faster and I can easily track cash flow.

How do you maintain work life balance?

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to spend such valuable time with my son and also stay in the workforce to pursue my passion. On Tuesdays, I work all day, which gives me a chance to feel professional and spend the day completing my work for the week. Because my schedule is so flexible, I don’t mind doing a little work after bedtime or on the weekends, because the time I spend with my son is so worth it.

One piece of advice for someone thinking of starting a business?

Just keep taking risks in order to grow and be successful. Going out on your own isn’t easy but the rewards of being your own boss and having time for your child or passion is so worth it – take that risk!

Happy Mother’s Day from the Invoice2go team!