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Get access to free purchase order templates you can customize and make your own. Instantly generate purchase orders for your business by picking a template and editing your information.

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Downloadable and Printable purchase order templates

Business happens fast. Using a purchase order template can help you keep up. Download one of the templates below, which are available as Word, PDF, or Excel purchase order templates. You can even customize your template to reflect your brand.

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What is a purchase order?

When you need to purchase goods or services from a vendor, you’ll want to create a purchase order (PO). A PO serves as a list of all the products or services you need, the quantity of each, and a place to note details about shipping and delivery. Here is an in-depth article about purchase orders.

Key benefits of using a purchase order template

Using a purchase order (PO) template can help you save time, as you won’t have to create each document from scratch. Additionally, when you customize your purchase order form template, your documents will look professional and build brand awareness.

What is the purpose of a purchase order form?

Business is all about communication. A purchase order form clearly communicates what you need as a buyer. The purchase order will also contain details about payment terms and delivery details. Once the seller accepts the purchase order, it becomes a legally binding contract.

How to edit a purchase order template

Customizing your purchase order form is simple. Start by selecting a free purchase order template from the menu above. Each purchase order template comes in a variety of formats, so be sure you have the right software to edit each file type.

Once you download the purchase order template, you can personalize it to make it your own. Just make sure it still contains all the details required for a standard purchase order.

Here are the steps you’ll take to personalize your purchase order template:

  1. Select a free purchase order template
  2. Download the template in your preferred file format
  3. Open the template using the corresponding program
  4. Add your business name and company logo
  5. Add any essential details to the information fields on the template
  6. Save the finished template to your computer or to the cloud

Once you save your completed template, you can use this order form the next time you need to buy products from a supplier. You’ll simply fill out the order form with quantities and unit prices, as well as the seller’s contact information. You can then save the document as a PDF file, which you can send to the vendor via email. You can even print a hard copy to send through the mail.

What are the main elements of a purchase order form?

Your purchase order should be as unique as your business. When you create a purchase order, you’ll want to make sure to include the following details:

  • Data about your business (name, logo, contact info, website URL, tax ID number)
  • Data about the seller (name, contact info)
  • A unique purchase order number (used to track your financial commitments)
  • The name of each product or service you’re requesting
  • The sale price of each item on your purchase order
  • Your shipping information, shipping point, and requested delivery date
  • The total price of the entire sale (including tax and any discounts or special pricing options)
  • The issue date of the order
  • The payment method that will be used to complete the transaction

Naturally, data about your business will remain constant, which is why it helps to use a purchase order template. When you create purchase orders in the future, this template can be used to quickly initiate purchases from a supplier.

What are the types of purchase orders?

There are different types of purchaser orders a business can issue. Let’s explore the different types of purchase orders that may be suitable for you.

Standard purchase order

A standard purchase order is used for infrequent or one-time purchases. For example, if you need to purchase business equipment, you can submit a standard PO to your vendor. Standard orders will contain very specific information related to price, quantity, payment, and delivery.

Planned purchase order

A planned purchase order is a long-term agreement to buy items from a single supplier. These orders contain prices and tentative delivery dates, though dates may be tentative.

Blanket purchase order

In a blanket purchase order, buyers agree to purchase goods or services from a vendor, though no quantity is specified. The cost may also be left unspecified. Many small businesses use these forms to order items on a recurring basis.

Contract purchase order

A contract purchase order establishes purchase details with the seller, often including the price. However, the actual items are left unspecified. This type of PO is used to create an ongoing business relationship between the seller and their customers

Download a free purchase order template: The answers you need to get going

Does a purchase order override a contract?

Once the vendor accepts the PO, it becomes a legally binding contract. Both the seller and buyer are obligated to complete the sale under the terms of the order. It is therefore the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the terms of the order match any other contractual terms that either party has agreed to. Otherwise, businesses are legally obligated to fill the order under the terms they agreed to when they accepted the order.

Why is a purchase order important to a business?

Businesses use purchase orders to standardize the procurement process. They help to keep track of the company’s money, inventory, and other resources.

Additionally, a PO forms an official record of transactions made by the company, which can be important if the company faces a contract dispute.

How to make a purchase order

The easiest way to make a purchase order is to use a purchase order (PO) template like those provided above. But you can also create a purchase order by simply opening a blank document and filling in your business details, the goods/services you’re requesting, and shipping and delivery data.

View our helpful article for detailed instructions on how to create your own purchase order forms.

How to write a purchase order

Writing a PO is a snap when you use a standard template. You can write an order using the following steps:

  • Fill in the information for the vendor
  • List the products/goods you’re requesting (include the cost of each)
  • Give each form a unique PO number
  • Calculate subtotals and include tax
  • Calculate your final total
  • Include your delivery/shipping information

You can then send the form to the vendor. It usually helps to retain a backup copy for your internal records. For accounting purposes, you can match the PO number to the invoice number once the transaction is complete. This can let you know if you have any outstanding debts you need to pay.