Third Party Requests for Information or Records from Invoice2go

As set forth in our Privacy Notice and Terms of Service, Invoice2go, LLC and Invoice2go, Inc. (“Invoice2go“) will not share nonpublic information about any person with any third party, except as determined, in the sole discretion of Invoice2go, to be required or permitted by law, or as required by valid legal process including but not limited to a valid subpoena or court order.

Third parties, other than law enforcement or government agencies, wishing to request non-public information from Invoice2go or to serve Invoice2go with legal process may do so with Invoice2go, LLC’s Registered Agent:

Incorporating Services, Ltd.
3500 South DuPont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901
800.346.4646 | 302.531.0855

Upon proper service of valid and appropriate legal process, we will search for and disclose information that is specifically identified in the request and required to be disclosed by law, and which we are reasonably able to find and provide in response. We cannot process requests for information that are overly broad or vague, or that seek information more easily obtained from other parties.