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Organize client contact information

Add, edit, and track clients and leads directly from your dashboard. Add client contact information to your estimates, invoices, and projects.

Connect with your clients

Win more recurring sales and referrals by automating your client and lead communications. Use customizable templates to personalize and deepen your client relationships.

Sell smarter and faster

Get automated reminders from Invoice2go to follow up with your clients and leads – you choose how often – and use customizable email templates to get in touch quickly.

Client communications: the answers you need to get going

Can I choose how often I am reminded to contact each client?

Yes! You select how often you want to follow up with each of your clients or prospects – whether that is weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

What templates can I use?

There are a range of templates available for you to use, and you can edit each one as you see fit. Some templates include emails to past clients for new work, referral requests, and follow-up emails to new prospects.

Can I remove reminders if I don’t need them?

Yes – you decide when and how often you’re reminded to contact your clients and leads. Remove or edit these reminders at any time.

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