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We’ve got the information you need to help your business succeed. Learn more to manage invoices, improve your cashflow and promote your business.

Invoicing guide

This Ultimate Guide will discuss everything you need to know about invoicing, including free sample invoice templates, and why it’s important to get it right.
Invoicing a client incrementally for the percentage of work that has been completed of the total work due – It can help you maintain a sufficient cash flow to cover overhead costs.
Customize your invoice template and to make it your own – create or use an existing business logo, change invoice template style and other advanced options.

Cash Flow Management

Step-by-step guide to take control of your finances: By forecasting your revenue, you can better manage your cash flow and stay out of cash crunches.
Attracting new customers can cost 10 times more than investing in existing customers. Check out 5 ways to secure repeat customers and improve cash flow.
Cash flow is the lifeblood of any small business. Get tips on improving your cash flow when it comes to billing, tracking and receiving payments.

Tax Time

Saving money at tax time can be make or break for a small business. Find out ways to cut your tax bill with these important tax deductions.
Keeping good business records not only saves you time during tax season, it also helps you manage your business more effectively.
Invoice2go can help you in a number of ways to manage paperwork and receipts during tax time. Check out our pro tips and learn more.

Small Business Tips

Managing money, paying bills, hiring and retaining good employees, are challenges businesses of all sizes face. For entrepreneurial-minded individuals, avoid the 3 common mistakes will help your business to grow faster and stronger.
Impress a customer at the first time and keep them coming back – the winning strategy starts with a killer first impression.
After you start up your own venture, business owners must think about ‘discoverability’. How people will find them online? We would like to share a few tips for a strong online presence and meet future customers.

Start a business

In a recent survey by Invoice2go, 47% of side-giggers are choosing to build up their side job, so that it can eventually become their main source of income. Do you have a hobby you’d like to do full time? Consider these useful tips before taking the leap of faith of starting your business.
Review a list of some of our favorite low-cost apps and online tools to help you set up and manage your new small business.
How to maintain a good work-life balance after you start your business, from day one? We want to share a few helpful tips and common mistakes to avoid, after talking to many of our customers starting their own ventures.

Blue Collar Heros

A checklist of financial metrics and topics to evaluate after your first year as a freelancer – what went well and the areas for improvement.
Before starting your own construction business, read a few of our top tips for building your business on a strong foundation.
Our study shows that 93% of US homeowners would consider hiring an independent contractor if they had references and were “recommended.”

Small Business Trends

Invoice2go’s U.S. Micro Business Snapshot reveals  what invoicing trends are telling us about the current state – and future – of the “Micro” SMB economy.
Considering jumping into the rapidly growing freelance workforce? We recently gathered top tips from freelancers and solopreneurs around the web.
The rise of the gig economy is a perfect example of how small-scale entrepreneurship can be. As more and more of us choose to live a more flexible life, becoming increasingly common for people to make a living by freelancing and side-gigging.

Small Business Stories (Video)

Our first stop takes us to Sydney. See what Bill & Ben The Electrical Men love about Invoice2go and why they think “it’s the best thing since sliced bread.”
What’s it like to run a business with one of your best friends? Check out the video to meet Phil Luna and Elliot Dahl of Luna Design & Construction, who use Invoice2go to run their custom design, woodworking and cabinetry business.
Meet Danielle Haffner, who uses Invoice2go to run Dogworks Training Company in Los Angeles, California. We followed Danielle for a day as she showed us the ins and outs of working with dogs for a living.

How to get started with Invoice2go

Invoice2go Tutorial

At Invoice2go we provide the tools you need to create and send professional invoices so you can get paid faster, at every stage of your business. Let’s start with the basics:

  • How to create an invoice
  • How to design invoice logo
  • Set up product and customer list
  • Business reporting with invoice2go
Your Mobile Office

Your Mobile Office

Send invoices and estimates from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Invoice on the spot, as soon as you finish the job.
Save Time

Save more time

Don’t spend your free time sending invoices. On average, our customers save 3 hours per week and get paid up to 7 days faster.
Stay Organized

Stay organized

No more lost paperwork. Keep track of payments and run a quick report to find out who still owes you money.
It's Simple

It's simple

Invoice2go is easy to use and helps you look more professional. Get started in minutes, right from your phone, tablet or computer.

Say goodbye to piles of paper and complicated accounting software.

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