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Service Receipt Template

Providing a quality service receipt helps your customers track expenses and gives an impression of professionalism.

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We offer versatile receipt templates in text, spreadsheet, and pdf format that accommodate consultants, freelancers and service-oriented businesses. You can use it to issue itemized bills or charge hourly. While your business may have unique needs for its receipts, a receipt template provides a foundation that you can touch up to suit your operations.


What is a service receipt template?

It’s effectively a blank receipt that your company can standardize across its transactions. You can streamline your paperwork and offer services more efficiently by maintaining ready-made templates in text document, pdf, and spreadsheet formats.

Small businesses and independent freelancers don’t always use service receipts, but there are many benefits to incorporating them into your transactions.

Benefits of using a receipt template

Your first benefit from using a receipt template as a service provider is that it’s much simpler and more convenient than making one from scratch. Designing a service receipt requires making decisions on font and spacing and requires more familiarity with editing software. Whether you find the template ideal or edit it, you’ll also benefit from having a standardized receipt ready to go for transactions.

Why use a standardized receipt template?

Issuing a standardized receipt reduces the paperwork burden of each transaction and provides a sense of transparency to customers, as well as facilitates easy bookkeeping on their part. Finally, using a smart, clean receipt template with custom branding elements that customers can easily read provides an impression of professionalism.

How to edit your receipt template

If you issue receipts digitally, you’ll typically do so in pdf format. However, pdfs are difficult to edit, and you’ll need to be able to edit the document to fill in the services and payment information. You’ll also need to edit your original receipt template if the basic template needs alteration before it suits your company. Follow these steps to edit your template:

  1. Download the text or spreadsheet version
  2. Open the document in your preferred editor, such as Google Docs or Excel
  3. Make the changes you have in mind and save your template

When you need to fill out the receipt template to issue a service receipt, take the following steps:

  1. Open a copy of your template as a text document or spreadsheet
  2. Fill in the empty fields as necessary with a unique receipt number, services rendered, costs, etc.
  3. Select the “save as pdf” option to convert your word or text document into a pdf
  4. Either send the pdf via email or print off a physical copy

What information is on a service receipt?

The first category of information is your company name, company logo, and contact information. This will be standard across all of your service receipts, while the other necessary information varies.

Each service receipt needs a unique number as well as your customer’s information and issuance date. The final component of a service receipt is a list of services with line items, a service description and its specific cost, the total cost, tax, and payment method for your customer.

Service Receipt Frequently Asked Questions

How to write a service receipt?

The first step in writing a service receipt is setting up a template that you can easily duplicate across different transactions. Either the top or bottom of the document should contain key information such as the name and contact information of your business, the name of your client, and the name of the receiver.

The document’s body should consist of rows that describe the services you’ve provided, itemized and total costs, and taxes. Finally, you need to include the issuance date, the date you rendered the services, and a unique receipt number.

What are the benefits of providing a service receipt?

Providing a service receipt helps customers by providing a record of expenses and serves as a formal end to a transaction. For the customer, receiving a service receipt has the benefit of helping them track expenses and understand the services they’ve paid for. These benefits circle back to you, as customers prefer to work with transparent, professional companies.

Why are service receipts important?

With a service receipt, your customers will have a clear record of the services that they paid for as well as the figures that contributed to the cost. This is important for accurate bookkeeping, expense records and can often be relevant come tax season.

Given how important service receipts are, consumers take them for granted and expect to receive one. Providing clean, organized service receipts is vital for small businesses to present a professional image to customers.

When should you issue a service receipt?

A service receipt closes business transactions after providing customers with a record of their paid services. You issue service receipts after the customer has received your services and paid for them. If you charge in advance, you should issue the service receipt after they pay and before you provide the services. Make sure you issue a service invoice before so your clients know how much to pay you. Here are some of our service invoice templates.