Freelancer tipsMore and more people are leaving the security and structure of a 9-to-5 job, in order to pursue a passion through freelancing. Whether it’s design work, writing, consulting, or a host of other freelancing opportunities, they are in the driver’s seat, and pursuing a lifestyle with more freedom and flexibility.

At Invoice2go, we recently found that 21% of our customers self identify as “freelancers”, and the majority say freelancing gives them greater control over their career path and earning potential, compared to working for an employer.

But, as anyone who has tried it can tell you, freelancing is no walk in the park. Being a freelancer typically means you’re in charge of everything that happens in your business; from selling your services, and continuously growing your prospects, to handling bills, collecting payment, and all the other back office admin tasks that most people would be happy to live without. Freelancers also typically work alone, and don’t have a traditional support network that colleagues in a workplace might have.

We thought it would be interesting to pull together advice and inspiration from freelancers across a variety of industries to find out their “work hacks,” their tips and tricks, and how they think about growing their network and business. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been freelancing for a while and are looking to self improve, check out what others had to say about making this lifestyle work for them.

For freelance digital marketer Angela Ford, freelancing is all about “creating a lifestyle of freedom to do the things you REALLY want to do with your life.”

As a business focused on helping people track jobs and get paid, we couldn’t agree more with the advice from Wanderlust Languages‘ Alexandra Turner, who says, “Keep on top of your invoices and payments. Unfortunately not all clients pay reliably or on time. Keep track of when invoices are due and the amounts.”  Career coach Michelle Ward has regular meetings with herself so she can assess where she’s at with her business and where she needs to go next.

Here’s 20 tips from freelancers to help you save your money, and your sanity:


Freelancing tips


Are you a freelancer? Leave a comment and tell us what your top piece of advice would be to others looking to break out on their own.