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New: Accept payments online via Apple Pay

If you accept debit and credit card payments with Invoice2go, a Bill.com Company, you already know how fast and convenient it is to have customers pay your invoices online. Today, we’re thrilled to support Apple Pay as another easy and secure way for customers to pay you online. And best of all, if you already use Invoice2go to accept card payments, you’re automatically set up to accept Apple Pay.

How it works

When your customer taps on the Invoice2go Pay Invoice button from an invoice, they’ll go to the online payment page where they’ve previously been able to pay by card. Now, if they have Apple Pay enabled on their iPhone, iPad or Mac, they’ll see the Apple Pay option.

Quick tip: they must be using their Safari browser to see the Apple Pay option.

With a simple click or a one-tap fingerprint confirmation, your invoice is paid.

It just works

Because Apple Pay works seamlessly with the Stripe account you’ve already set up to accept card payments with Invoice2go, there’s no extra work involved. You and your customers will enjoy the same, secure experience. And there’s no extra fee on top of the standard transaction fees that apply when you accept a card payment.

Invoice2go is one of the first apps to support Apple Pay online, so you’ll be among the first small businesses in the whole world to accept Apple Pay for your invoices. Encourage your customers to check it out.

And of course, if you haven’t already, turn on the card payment option in Settings so you can start getting paid even faster. For more details, learn about Invoice2go payments and see FAQs on the Help Center.


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