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10 fantastic business communities just for Aussie women

There’s no doubt that women face unique challenges in starting and running a business. Whether you work in the trades, freelance, or spend your days in the corporate world – it isn’t easy. 

In the office, women are twice as likely to be mistaken for junior employees than men. The glass ceiling is a real thing. Also, while many are aware of a pay gap between women and their male counterparts, there’s evidence that this division is even wider when it comes to self-employment.  

Still, while there’s a long way to go, there reports that show workplace gender equality is improving. Additionally, Australia ranked as one of the 10 best global markets for female business owners and the second-best for female social entrepreneurs. 30% of Aussie businesses now belong to women and that number is growing rapidly. 

For us at Invoice2go, a Bill.com company, we want to empower you and help you get the results you deserve. We value community and see it as an essential part of growth and career success. Facebook groups, podcasts, online memberships, can be incredible tools to inspire and connect you with likeminded people. 

We’re proud to announce the launch of The Female Founders Network – a new Invoice2go-sponsored Facebook communityInstagram feed, and podcast for ambitious women. We also regularly share the stories of women chasing their dreams and growing their business on our blog.

To celebrate our new community and women in business, we want to share a wealth of useful information to inspire you and take your business to the next level. Here are 10 excellent resources for just for Aussies. Let’s dive in:

1. Lady Startup
Perhaps you want to grow your business or turn a side hustle into a day job. Maybe you want more meaningful work or desire to have a greater positive impact. If this sounds like you, Lady Startup is worth checking out.

With more than 56 million shows downloaded, it’s the world’s largest women’s podcast network. It was founded by media dynamo Mia Freedman, co-founder of Mamamia Media Group (Australia’s largest digital women’s media company), and consistently produces excellent content.

Here you’ll get behind-the-scenes stories of how other women launched and grew their businesses. They also share a business activation plan that helps you start a company in as little as six weeks. 

If you like what you hear, they also have a weekly newsletter. If you’re looking to go even deeper, check out the paid video courses and other resources.

2. Business Chicks
Here’s another one of Australia’s largest and most influential women’s business communities. Despite their name, Business Chicks isn’t just for those running a company. This inclusive network supports all women looking for a greater connection and new resources to move their lives forward.

For about $17 a month, this subscription gives you plenty of value. You’ll gain access to the online masterclass library, member magazine, exclusive networking events, and welcoming community of thousands of women.

3. Club Woman
This one is excellent for creative professionals. Founded by two women who love to laugh and sip wine, Club Woman is a supportive group that invites those seeking creative inspiration and connection.

Here you’ll find a friendship-focused virtual community of hundreds of women ready to share their stores, secrets, and hacks. They also provide an online library with tutorials and 1:1 interviews from some of the best in the creative biz.

On top of this, members get listed in the Club Woman classifieds and obtain discounts on events and other perks. They have in-person events like Unwind with Wines and Wonder Woman. If you work in the creative field, it’s worth checking out.

4. League of Extraordinary Women
Nine years ago, 4 women established this extraordinary league. They’re now a collective of thousands of women helping each other do more together.

Especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed by recent news, this group offers a safe haven. It’s a place to temporarily forget the world’s troubles and direct your energy towards growth with a supportive community behind you.

For 12.99 USD per month or 119.99 USD per year, you get 24-hour access to our online platform and mobile app. You get weekly virtual meetups from a global community, an accountability partner to help you get more done, and access to Q&As with experts. 

The goal of this group is to cheer and support others to start now, dream now, plan now, and bring more joy into your life. Learn more here.

5. Shameless
Do you feel men’s interest shows are often treated as legitimate while stereotypical feminine hobbies get looked down on? This pop culture podcast hosted by Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald dives into trending news stories and unpacks them with a feminist lens. They strive to give young women useful content they don’t necessarily find in mainstream media.

Shameless releases episodes twice a week. Monday’s episode focuses on pop-culture and celebrity news. Thursday’s show features an interview with an influential Aussie. 

Additionally, on the first Saturday of each month, they host the Shameless Book Club to discuss a critically-acclaimed fictional work. They also have a Friday newsletter that shares recommendations on what to read, watch, listen to, and even eat.

6. Foundr Insiders
Foundr is a leading resource for modern entrepreneurs looking to shape the future. Their magazine has more than 250,000 subscribers, and their podcast has over a million listeners. Many people in the business world consider this as a definitive for ambitious people in business.

Foundr understands that starting a business is easy, but building it is the hard part. They know that to create something meaningful, you need mentorship and plenty of community support. 

Foundr Magazine has a Facebook group to support the magazine’s community in building their business or starting a side-hustle. While this group is open to both men and women, it provides high-quality information. We recommend having a closer look.

7. She’s on the Money
Problems with cash flow are one of the main reasons small businesses fail. She’s on the Money is a fantastic woman-focused resource geared at helping you take the reins on your finances – whether they be business or personal. Ranked as Australia’s number one money podcast, the show is hosted by millennial money guru, Victoria Devine. 

The show takes an empathetic angle to money management and financial literacy. They understand talking about finances is often overwhelming or uninspiring. Still, the sooner you get on top of it, the more success and possibilities you’ll have for the long term.

She’s on the Money has an active Facebook community with almost 100k members sharing their financial wins, goals, and challenges. It’s worth having a look.

8. The Women’s Business Collective
Founded by Carolyn Ryder, a lawyer who started her law practice in her dining room, The Woman’s Business Collective helps business owners to connect and grow. Carolyn started her business to accommodate her growing family’s needs. She cites that experience as one of the most challenging and rewarding of her life. 

This network of Aussie and Kiwi businesswomen costs $9.95 per month. After joining, you can advertise your business in their directory, gain access to member-only events (in-person and online), and join a private Facebook group.  

This community is collaborative and aims to help each other overcome hurdles. For example, suppose you are struggling with using Facebook or Google ads. In that case, you could reach out and get expert advice.

9. Gretta Rose van Riel
Although she came from humble beginnings, Gretta Rose van Riel has shown no lack of ambition. At 22, she created a multimillion-dollar tea business that created an entirely new market. She also won Shopify’s Build-a-Business competition, triumphing over thousands of competitors. 

If that wasn’t enough, Gretta has gone on to create several other highly successful businesses. She’s founded Drop BottleNichify, and The 5th (which earned $1 million in a single day) – and has secured a place on Forbes 30 under 30. 

Gretta shares IGTV videos detailing her wins, learnings, and tips for budding business owners. If you haven’t checked out her Instagram account, take a look for advice and inspiration.

10. The Female Founders Network
Finally, we want to highlight The Female Founders Network – a global, women-only entrepreneurial and leadership podcast and Facebook group.

In each podcast episode, hosts Nat Brown and Sylvie Hall interview an entrepreneur, small business owner, or industry leader we admire. They strive to help share their story and offer you valuable tips and tricks. 

Our growing Facebook community is a great place to meet with like-minded women and learn easily actionable business advice. We hope you’ll consider joining us for great new content every week.

We’re in this together. We hope these resources will inspire you, expand your skills and knowledge, and help you meet the people that propel you towards your dreams. 

Remember: mentorship and network are two of the most essential keys to unlocking your personal and professional growth. No matter where you choose to build your community, surround yourself with people and resources that ignite your passion, and help you get the results you deserve. You’ve got this.


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