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New feature demo: get verified customer reviews and create an instant website

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our game-changing new Profiles and Reviews features. Whether you’re a new small business or a seasoned entrepreneur, these features will help you increase awareness about your company, build trust with your prospects, and ultimately help you win more business.

To learn more about these new features and to see a live demo, check out this recent session from our Go Getters community. You’ll get in-depth information and see how you can quickly get set up right from your mobile device. 

It’s our mission at Invoice2go to amplify the independent spirit of small businesses. We’re always thinking about things we do today – like invoicing – and how we can take them to the next level for your business.

Read on for more information about how our new features can benefit your business. Click on the video above for more details and a live demo. 

How a simple website and verified customer reviews can help you grow your business

You absolutely need customer reviews and an online presence. Virtually all consumers read reviews before opening up their wallets to buy a product and service. Chances are that you do the same.

However, when it comes to running a business, you already have a ton on your plate. You’re likely deeply focused on your craft and delivering quality work. Even though you may know how helpful an online presence can be for business, you may not always find the time to build your website or regularly engage with your customers online. 

That’s why we’ve added simple ways to do both those activities directly from your Invoice2go software. You can now easily request customer reviews – or testimonials – and use them in any way you want. We give you complete control of who sees your reviews.

You also now have the ability to create an Invoice2go Profile – essentially a microsite – which is searchable on Google and other search engines. 

We plan to continually improve these features to serve you best. So they will only get better as time goes on.

Why does your small business need customer reviews?

In a recent survey, we noted that many Invoice2go subscribers rely primarily on word-of-mouth referrals. Reviews are essentially the same thing – just adapted for the digital world.

Customer reviews help curious prospects to find you and trust you. They’re not just something that’s nice to have – they’re indispensable to running a successful business today.

Once you establish an online presence and get a few reviews up, you’ll more easily move your customers from thinking about using your services to opening up their wallets and booking them. 

Additionally, while Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, and other sites enable testimonials, Invoice2go reviews are 100% verified and only from people you’ve invoiced. In other words, no one can leave you a review unless they’ve done billable work with you. You have total control of who you request reviews from and whether or not you’d like to make them public.

Invoice2go reviews are structured – not just big blocks of text. We set up prompts for your customers to give you feedback about specific areas of your business along with a starred rating.

In the future, we plan to release features that will encourage your customers to leave you feedback on other popular review sites. You’ll also be able to encourage customers to digitally refer your services to others that may be interested.

How Invoice2go Profiles can boost your online presence – even if you already have a website

Many small businesses don’t have a website. They can be time-consuming to create and expensive to maintain and update. Invoice2go Profiles generate a website for your company with a single tap. Just toggle it on, and – boom – your site is live with the information you’ve entered into your Invoice2go account.

If you don’t have a website, this is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get started. If you already have an official site, your Profile will help it also appear higher in Google search results.

Around 75% of people never go past the first page of a Google search. Your Profile is search-engine-optimized (SEO), which means it will increase your chances of appearing on that first page when prospects enter terms related to your business. 

For example, say you’re a general contractor. If a prospect searches “general contractor near me,” they’re more likely to see your page pop up in their results. 

Note: Your prospects do not need to be Invoice2go subscribers to see your Profile. 

Here you can show off your Invoice2go customer reviews. Keep in mind that only the reviews you approve will be displayed publicly. You can show off your best reviews or share both the good and the critical – it’s up to you.

We have big plans to help your business grow more in the future

As you build your online presence over time, you’ll enhance your reputation in your community and industry. 

We’re already thinking of ideas on how we’ll expand the Profiles and Reviews features. You’ll soon be able to share photos, videos, and professional certifications. We’ll also make it possible to add your LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media icons to your page. 

Keep in mind: The more information you provide related to your business, the more likely you’ll show up in search results.

We hope these features are of great benefit to your business – and that they help you grow and succeed. We’d also love to get your feedback! We’re continually adapting and improving to serve you best.

Click here to watch the live Profiles and Reviews demo in action.


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