April is coming, along with showers and flowers and hopefully a lovely spring. But, for many small business owners and freelancers, April is anything but lovely. It’s tax time. About 33% of small business owners cite managing paperwork and receipts for tax season as their number one challenge as the deadline approaches (Small Business Accounting Report, 2015).

Tax time doesn’t have to mean hours digging through files, folders and boxes for receipts, invoices and other records. There’s a number of ways Invoice2go can help you stay organized as you go, so when tax time comes you’re prepared and ahead of the game.


Business Reporting

Gathering your information is half the battle when it comes to tax time, and Invoice2go makes it easy by bringing all your business reports together in one place. Easily view past invoices by month, quarter or year, and see which have been paid and which are still outstanding. With just a few taps, you can print your sales, payment history and expense reports, or send them straight to your accountant via email. Click here to watch a tutorial.

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Simple Exporting

Invoice2go has a great tool for exporting invoices, estimates, purchase orders, credit memos, receipts, time entries, products and client lists. Go to export.2go.com. Here, data can be exported into standard formats (CSV, XML and JSON) so you can easily use it with tools like Excel, or you can send it off to your accountant. Watch a tutorial here.


Receipt Capture

Claiming business expenses has never been easier with Receipts2go, one of Invoice2go’s most popular features (available in Pro and Enterprise plans). Snap a photo of each receipt while you’re out and about, and save it on the spot along with important expense details. You can log and organize expenses by category, vendor, month and year, and easily export all your details into one PDF or CSV report along with the images. Just export and print or email straight over to your accountant. If you’re not using Receipts2go already, get in the habit now so you’re not digging around boxes of receipts come this time next year.

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Whether you’re preparing your taxes yourself or getting help from an accountant, having everything in one easy place makes your job a whole lot easier. And by taking advantage of these simple features to stay organized as you work throughout the year, you’ll cut out a lot of the stress and headaches that come with tax time.